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  • Quote from Maszke: “Funny, want to talk about axes ? ” he clearly said spears, you can make a thread for axes. id love it if you could cancel deflecting spins channel in an easy manner, and maybe a new q that is a ranged skill shot like deadly shot from bows!

  • people like to feel good at pvp, so they look for easy kills and bring as many people as possible. its a full loot game, so most people try to maximize risk/reward in their favor in often infuriatingly cowardly ways (10+ dudes ganking new players in solo dungeons ) SBI has been slowly adding players the means to avoid constantly being harassed by groups of gankers via things like hellgates, and the new corrupted dungeons for people who want to enjoy PVP with high risk/reward rather than just N+1…

  • Quote from WetWilly: “Quote from Dismadeus: “Quote from JordWasTaken: “Sorry to say like others have said.. the game is PVP. ” except that the majority of players actually dont want to participate in pvp outside ganking. ” See that's where the problem is. It is the wrong set of expectations. The game IS a full loot PvP game, and it's quite clear about that. Eve Online had the same problem, carebears that want to explore the more dangerous parts of the MMO but in complete safety. Sorry that's not…

  • Quote from JordWasTaken: “Sorry to say like others have said.. the game is PVP. ” except that the majority of players actually dont want to participate in pvp outside ganking. seal clubbing 1 guys with 5+ people is hardly PVP, they might as well be NPCS at that point because theres literally nothing you can do against a skilled gank group as a solo player once they find you ( its not always arch garbage you know, and its not hard to find people in green portals ) if more people who played this g…

  • flash heal was busted in its current design, imagine back when it used to give mana! ( you didnt have the aoe heal sadly )

  • solo content in this game is a fucking joke , people n+1 everything.

  • removing gear swap will give them time to collect more information to better balance the 2v2 meta. the game is kind of supposed to be a bit rock paper scissors, but they do intend on a more skill based balance system than a counter based balance system anyway as per the 1v1 dungeon dev talk. i always assume one shots personally, especially as a healer being able to break yourself out of a stunlock is one of the best abilities you can have. you might not always face a one shot comp, but more time…

  • i gank a lot and i dont need a raven to do it? i guess its bad for people who use the raven as a crutch to catch people, i think 1h frost is a joke to those people. BZ ganking is hardly dead, your still going to have blobs of 20 mindless people chasing you, now they just have to tack some catching skill in there too. raising the skill floor on ganking is a great thing, im sick of getting dogpiled by a bunch of capeless 4.0 claws, not even worth killing.

  • well an escaping gatherer/ganker before was also able to abuse the CDR on the E by clapping a mob, made you go really fast. now you cant, IMO chain slash nerf hurts more for people that actually use it to kill people.

  • they really dont like targeted PVE ratting, you are expected to play to the games design. yes this is a sandbox, yes there is emergent game play that was outside the vision, and yes its okay for the devs to say thats bad and they dont want it.

  • Mage Robe change idea

    Dismadeus - - Feedback & Suggestions


    honestly its my most used piece of gear. even at 1s duration it still would be, the duration/resists are just the "cherry on the cake" at this point

  • Dont Respec Lads - So long!

    Dismadeus - - Rants


    why would you not just spend it on tomes/ff gear instead of a respec? meng you made a terrible choice this ones not on the devs.

  • hellgates should spawn via a consumable akin to dungeon maps. the idea is to give overworld gankers targets by saturating the overworld with areas other people need to go . overworld gankers have no shortage of content and have it too easy anyway once they n+1 enough people, let 2/5 man teams get into hgs on their own terms/timings.

  • literally suggested this in another thread and you were not a fan at all? i guess i didnt add more floors/bosses but.... remove A out, add a mechanic to replace the scout. pve parties should have to build with PVP In mind, this is a full loot pvp sandbox and unless your doing HCES you should always have to be prepared to PVP or be on the losing end when you are not. i run dungeons and i gank them, its far to safe for BOTH PARTIES. this means its TOO SAFE FOR BOTH THE GANKERS AND DUNGEON RUNNERS,…

  • Quote from hFly: “@Dismadeus PVE players are not asking for big rewards, they just don't wanna get fucked from behind everytime. And btw, what big reward again?…48f40a95bd725a774ff52a3c3 This is the loot from 3 full clear T6 red zones, and other than that were 2xT4 books, 14xT1 books and 39x1k bags. I had to dodge 2 times people invading the dungeon by A out when they came flagged. First time came 3, second time a solo. If by any means they would think a little bit…

  • BOTH PARTIES, PVE AND PVP ONLY WANT BIG REWARDS WITH LITTLE TO NO RISK, full stop. sbi needs to make it so both GANKERS and DUNGEON RUNNERS have MORE RISK. if you cannot handle the concept of RISK VRS REWARD in a FULL LOOT PVP GAME , then this is not the game for you. there is no more argument. go play another game if you dont like RISKING YOUR GEAR TO GET BETTER REWARDS.

  • glad i sold all mine, big oof. maybe itle be buffed into relevance again, mage robes are superior!

  • meng i solo clear grp dungeons with a fire staff, pretty sure oyu can do it with anything! daggers are great atm, they were pretty garbage save escape/1v1 dueling jank prior it this. IMO we need to split the dagger line into two trees, fist weapons, and daggers! were getting enough of both and have enough options for more of each that they could be their own unique line.

  • Quote from Olafxder: “Why do Divers want it even easier? Is diving not easy enough? Like you just need PVP and attack some dungeon grinders that have most times PVE gear on and sometimes are in the middle of a fight against some mobs, making them even easier to kill. Is that not easy enough? Are you so bad at the game? Or are you so unlucky and dive people with anti-dive gear? Scouts are not a problem because: - You can make yourself invisible and enter the dungeon (If the scout is outside and y…

  • Quote from LoganSilkCheeks: “Quote from Dismadeus: “your right, it is hard to blame pve players for wanting low risk pve when being able to n+1 ganking provides such low risk pvp. hopefully the devs address this, i think its a big enough issue to warrant change as n+1 ganking/scouting gets brought up so often as major complaints ” meh just vets being sad that new players are allowed to play the game instead of just being card swipers that hand them out silver even though they sit on 400+m ” pve …