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  • Quote from Raithe: “What is AO like for solo players at this stage ” Its adequate for a game where the focus is quite rightly on group content first and foremost. As has been stated, the Aug12 update should add a few more options.

  • Quote from BibbelBaxy: “So you imply that the descript behaviours deserve a punishment? First a player who did not do what he was kicked for, second a player who is maybe not the best, but trying his best. ” I said 'probably'. Ive only ever been kicked once (after I dc'd). Ive seen a lot of people vote kicked and very few didnt deserve it. If you remove the punishment for being kicked then you open up expeditions to rampant griefing. Quote from BibbelBaxy: “And solutions were suggested that are …

  • Quote from Honed: “After you've hit T4, the fame requirement drops down to a couple of thousand, so the 20% is much easier to reach. ” Not sure where you get that from. The fame requirement from T3 to T4 is 30,000 ... the fame requirement T4 to T5 is 140,000

  • If you get kicked you probably deserve it along with the timer penalty. Removing the penalty would encourage griefing. If you dc its tough luck (but could easily be abused if the timer was removed). Working fine the way it is.

  • Quote from stkmro: “I am ok with everything on my island up to t8. ” Of course you are .. you are completely clueless on how the game actually works.

  • Quote from Red Brick: “Make the carrying capacity based on weight rather than stack size. It's really painful having to spend ages moving full inventories of 999 items, please increase the max stack size to 9999. ” It used to be 99 ... think yourself lucky.

  • Quote from MysticDream: “While I like the idea of being able to gather risk free, I think a better alternative would be to simply add the ability to player islands. For a silver fee (increasing by tier), you could have a mine, quarry, hunting pen, fibre field, and tree farm. It would start off small, and grow as you added to it. A few plants with semi high resources that regrow at a similar rate to actual nodes in the wild with no chance to be enchanted. ” Maximum of Tier 4 of course ... Im sure…

  • Quote from stkmro: “One way to solve this problem of locust plagues of invulnerable players all over the black zone powering through high tier resources: 1) the pve premium account is invisible to other other accounts. Only pve premium accounts can see other pve premium accounts. 2) Other accounts are also invisible to the pve premium accounts. 3) it will also almost like... when the pve premium accounts go to the rz and bz, they are entering a different channel but same map. When i farm resourc…

  • Quote from Skeeks: “So tell me what you think ” I think your shelter would be discovered and destroyed in virtually no time at all.

  • Quote from stkmro: “When you create an account and once you pay credit card just one time for the special pve premium, your account is flagged for life. You cannot join guild, you cannot join party, you cannot buy and sell from the market, you cannot trade with other players, you cannot loot dead bodies, you cannot transfer items, you cannot pick up items drop by others on the ground (not even sure yet if there is such a thing in AO), etc, etc. ” If you think there is a market for this (ie peopl…

  • Quote from stkmro: “lets say there are ” Quote from stkmro: “lets say about 80% ” Quote from stkmro: “lets say about 20% ” Youre just pulling assumptions out of your ass with nothing whatsoever to back them up. 'Lets say' youre wrong on all of those assumptions ... where does that leave you? Quote from stkmro: “This premium will make you entire account unable to engage in all of forms of pvp. That means when you enter into yz, rz, and bz, you cannot kill other players and other players cannot ki…

  • Yeah. We are the bad guys.

  • That makes more sense...

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    Wrong forum. Try posting on the Dark Souls forums. No one here cares.

  • Necromancer / Summoner

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    Quote from Ragu: “Quote from Midgard: “Quote from Ragu: “Again, time for the Devs to get to work on a Necro Class. ” Add it to the bottom of the already long list of things they have planned, fixes, QoL improvements ..... Necro weapons should hit the live servers in around 5 years time. ” I hear ya. Why does it take soooo long just to get some minor changes made? Why aren't they hiring more developers to speed up the process for the changes their players are requesting. Are they broke, or just g…

  • Necromancer / Summoner

    Midgard - - Feedback & Suggestions


    Quote from Ragu: “Again, time for the Devs to get to work on a Necro Class. ” Add it to the bottom of the already long list of things they have planned, fixes, QoL improvements ..... Necro weapons should hit the live servers in around 5 years time.

  • Quote from Oblak: “I only got 1000 gold in my mail and i cant seem to find the free horse mount. please help ” One of the most commonly asked question in the in-game help chat .. its confusing. Thankfully Evas has cleared it up in this case.

  • Reroll insanity

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    Quote from Tabor: “I do not like even having a reroll option. It devalues crafting. ” Re-roll should only be available to the crafted who crafted the item, and the chance based on spec.

  • 95% vs 5%

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    Quote from PenguinSniper: “I've figured this community out basically. 95% = toxic gankfest players 5% = players who prefer solo and 1v1 content The purpose of this thread is to trigger and annoy, piss off the 95% of fucktards. That's why it's in the rants section. How do I start? Well, ganking sucks. I don't know about you but the idea of pilejumping a player then having to split their loot like a bunch of rodents isn't fun to me at all. And before you try to say "that's the game" this is where …

  • Quote from SHARKY: “Surely the deadline is 10:00 UTC August 12th. ” That was my assumption .....

  • Quote from yiconomics: “Solo dungeon = 1 player can enter. ” Solo dungeon = 1 player can complete it. Sorry to inform you that your assumption was completely wrong.