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  • As per the title, Reason is recruiting. We are mainly looking for people to join with PvP and HG's, hoping to push into the blackzone. We currently have an island in both Martlock and Caerleon with no usage fee. Guild discord, forum, etc. /w Chubbnorris, Nid, Zbug or Shira for more info or an inv.

  • Reason is recruiting - Martlock

    Shira - - Guild Recruitment


    Welcome! Reason is recruiting, We're currently looking for more members to join our core pvp groups. We do: - Open World / Small Scale PvP - Hellgate and Fame Farm Groups We offer: - Tier 5/6 guild island based in Martlock - Active discord community Our goal is to build on our discord community whilst getting a solid team prepared for launch to stake our claim and hold territories. Apply Here: