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  • Que gremio creéis que de estos 5 es el que tiene mas actividad en la franja horaria española? tarde-noche española 12 a 22 utc?

  • omg so the point is that we all have to go in nightmare gank squads to gather in BZ? is that? Love the "loser ganker mentality" that cant see the damage that this do to the game when no one will go to gather in BZ because the nightmare is the new meta. Then we will see a lot of posts of gankers crying because they have to roam 1 hour for finding 1 gatherer. Its a bad design when a game design discourages ppl to do something of vital importance, as gathering because they will die always against t…

  • Zitat von kreeshak: „Zitat von Undume: „The point was that no one "build" should give a 99.9% of success rate “ But it's not 99.9% success rate. Even if you personally don't there is plenty of others who do run groups. Savage, Awful Company, Who, Conflict, Ironborn, SUN ganking parties. You are looking at your own limited point of view and missing the great picture, that this mount WILL die to a large group, often and fast. No snowball. “ Again? so? they will die to a large group, fine. ok. Did …

  • lol idc about they money that they are making doing that. I care about the 0% chances of running from them without doing any mistake, they dont need to bait you, sorrund you,etc. They will just run behind you, wait ur bubble is out, etc, until they can stun without dismounting and kill you. Not talking about the risk/reward, talking about game design. And I could gather in BZ without being in any main alliance ever, didnt get caught so much, had so much profit if you know how to move there (til …

  • Zitat von CallMeGosu: „this has nothing to do with snowball. get some friends, bait him, kill him -----> be happy “ This has not anything to do neither with being gathering or soloing there and getting 100% ganked Are u always 100% of the time in group?

  • In my mind when you can risk 12m for these ganks, it is because u snowballed soo hard and dont care so much to lose it. I didnt snowball and I really care about losing 100k of equipment. The point was that no one "build" should give a 99.9% of success rate. The snowball thing is an extra because that "build" is just for the only ones currently with tons of money. Months ago no one was using mammoths, if it happens with the nightmare mount all the casual and starting players that cannot afford un…

  • Reduce the snowball in Albion

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    Zitat von Rautanyrkki: „-> Make artifacts harder to obtain so they wont become part of every day pvp/gvg/zvz life “ Last point would help mainly the snowballed guilds/players, just the wealthiest ones could affort it. Talking about being snowballed:…alling-and-the-nightmare/

  • Its not bad luck, its the snowball. Months ago maybe ppl cant afford them, now... Done this post as a prediction, better fix it against that this broke more the game.

  • Im not newbie All done.. and more. Using the T5 armored against a team of 3, one with the nightmare, does nothing. Nightmare reaches you anyway, nightmare "stun" you, the other 2 kills you. Did u never dismounted an armored?? If the only one way to gathering in BZ is being next to the gate, again no one will gather there.. you have to have a chance of fleeing without that dire/swift. I just got caught there by nightmares. Or give nightmares to everyone and the snowball wont do anything. Again, b…

  • Is not a good example about the snowballing of the most powerful guilds that nightmare mount? Against team of gankers with one nightmare, have I to buy a swift or a direwolf? And for team of gankers I just mean only 2. And they doesnt have any risk of losing it if they dont do a huuuuge mistake, they always could flee with that mount. (This is ok for me, 12m of money). To be very wealthy, or have a powerful clan that can afford to buy these nightmare for ganking teams, should not be a 100% of su…

  • Meta Build for PVP Solo

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    Zitat von marg93: „Solo pvp I gearing Greataxe + mercenary jacket+soldier boots+ hunter hood + poison pots 6.1 + damage food t8 I never lost a duel 1vs 1 in openworld but , you cant win vs warbows or any other pocket build “ What is a pocket build?

  • Balancing Non-Consensual PvP

    Undume - - Developers' Statements


    Solo and group non-consensual pvp is fine. If you dont know how to gank, ur problem.


    Undume - - Server Performance


    Albion Online the only one pvp online game that 150 ms is fine

  • Take care with the smelter and leather crafters in W, the nearest ones from the center. It looks like the owner saw this post and changed the fee from 5% to 50%. Absolutely legit do this but just take care!

  • Spanish Forum for Spanish players

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    Pls, spanish ppl needs a spanish forum. We need our Q&A or we wont be able to convince our non speaking English friends.