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  • Isnt healing sickness affecting things other than nature/holy heals unnecessary? When I saw this change I assumed it would be limited to dedicated healers as a nerf to double healer compositions. But this change will discourage usage of any self healing item since every composition has a healer. So using Mercenary/Hellion Jacket and the new Guardian Helmet Emergency Heal now puts one at a disadvantage compared to opponents that use a simple defensive ability. I have no data to know if any of the…

  • @Retroman When you refer to "heal effects" in the latest NDA update does that include things like mercenary/hellion jacket or just rejuvenation/seed from the nature tree like great curse?

  • I agree. If this were to be implemented then I'd also like to see the world drop vanity capes(ie. Keeper and Morgana) be enchantable as well.

  • Right now the choice of what boots to run in 5v5 is somewhat limited due to how powerful Royal Shoes are. (With the exception of tanks, sometimes healers and lately galatines with judicator boots) Nothing else can compare to the strong disengage and invulnerability frames it offers. This allows for aggressive play with a great deal of safety due to little available counterplay. My suggestion is to buff Sticky Potions so that any attempt to jump out of its AOE(using either Royal/Assassin shoes) c…

  • Nature Cleanse mini bug

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    I am able to reproduce this bug with the "Adrenaline Driven Charity" passive on both Nature and Holy staffs and the "Hit and Run" passive on Nature. Other passive abilities om these staves seem to be unaffected. If you use cleanse from either a merc hood or the nature cleanse as the last spell that would proc the mentioned passive abilities, their stacks are instead removed and nothing happens.

  • This is the case with all channels/cast spells when attempting to combo delayed teleport with them. The bug was introduced in Lancelot. There is another thread that has a tag that it has been seen by the devs so hopefully it will get fixed soon.

  • Delayed Teleport on the Mage Sandals interrupts casts/channels since the Lancelot patch. I'd love to see this fixed as it has some of the most interesting applications in the game.

  • Hello! I'm posting about 3 bugs that I found on the test server. 1. Delayed Teleport on Mage Sandals now interrupts all casts and channels whereas on the live server it works as intended. 2. The Hit & Run passive in the Nature weapon line has a bug that is present on the live server as well. When you apply a cleanse to yourself as your 4th spell cast it removes the built up stacks towards Hit & Run and doesn't give the 20% run speed bonus. 3. I didn't check Frost Shield on the latest update of t…