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  • Oooo I see now, that makes sense. My english isn't perfect, I don"t understatd this sentence (Self-healing now applies a healing sickness effect, just like being healed by another player) correctly . Thanks mate, stay Retro

  • Hello Albion, yesterday was release new Oberon patch ver. 1.14.379. I'll like to ask, how works (self-healing sickness effect), me and me friend enjoy new random dungeon's. I play usually wit some tipe of axe and leather armor and he is basically healer. But the heal is now reduced by 25.9% because sickness effect, it is about how many people is in party, zone, IP or is locked permanent on that % ?

  • Hi guys, I'll like to know if is same difference between normal gathering gear (t4-t8) and gathering gear (t4-t8.1.2.3) I know about this - Tier 4: 10% increased gathering yield - Tier 5: 20% increased gathering yield - Tier 6: 30% increased gathering yield - Tier 7: 50% increased gathering yield - Tier 8: 70% increased gathering yield but, if I have for example t4.1, get I more gathering yield or gathering speed? Or I get just more armor, HP and resist? Thanks for comment's

  • Connect problem

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    Hello, this morning I turn on albion online, but I can not join Albion (live) server, ok I'm waiting server is online hm hm. I'll try to convert the test server and buuum connect, but my account has a weekly rollback and I still can not connect to the Albion live server. PLS PLS heeeeelp.

  • Yesterday I played until 11 pm and this morning I turn 8 on albion and my character is gone wtfaaa? : D What happened?