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  • One of the uniqueness of Albion is a single server. It makes sense keeping in mind the population, size of the world and good ping. If you think you have lags - go address it with the help of support team. Most of the players feel very comfortable playing even competitive 5v5 with current backend infrastructure implementation. If certain games cant afford the same, as for example, WoW that is unplayable with ping higher than 70 - it's not an Albion problem. As I said before, 130 ping in Albion f…

  • Ping again is high today in certain zones. Same behavior as before - zone out and zone back or switch the zone completely and you are fine.

  • Basically, 130-150 ping is normal in Albion and most of the players play having ping within that range. It should feel absolutely the same as 40-60 ping in LoL, at least this is how it behaves for most of the players.

  • Today the servers initially started experience the same issue with abnormally high latency that is solved by getting out and getting back to the zone OR switching the zone. But then after like 30 minutes of lags the servers went down.

  • Quote from wishr: “A lot of people got stuck in black screen after changing zones. Right now. Went from Lym Bank to Lym itself. ” How it has fixed. Reconnected me a few times. A bit scary to go out now xD

  • A lot of people got stuck in black screen after changing zones. Right now. Went from Lym Bank to Lym itself.

  • [11. March 2020] Queen Patch 7

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    Thanks for the patch, we are moving to the right direction. Have you guys ever discussed a possibility to limit the visibility of the Terry Attacks on the world map in order to limit the 3rd-partying opportunities?

  • Best change we could dream about. Why are you guys so good at listening to the community!? What's the secret? Please, continue doing what u do! Fully support all your initiatives, especially I like that you are doing this aggresively, testing the changes right during the season because IMO this change should've come even with queen. 10 dead mega alliances out of 10. Would be also great to have the system counting accounts instead of characters when calculating the limits for both guilds and alli…

  • Am I the only one Not experiencing black screens and disconnects after the latest patches? For me these patches fixed all the ping issues I have had previously.

  • Poll: Alliance Feature

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    Quote from Neef: “Quote from Wilburn: “Guilds are capped at 300 characters. Cap Alliances at 300 characters. This allows small guilds to band together to fight against a large guild. NAPs will happen and that's ok. ” This but like this Guilds are capped at 300 Accounts. Cap Alliances at 300. Accounts also This allows small guilds to band together to fight against a large guild. NAPs will happen and that's ok. Friendly Fire will destory them, This game is not Eve Online. ” This is what I want

  • Excited!

  • Quote from Guilefulwolf: “Quote from Captainrussia: “Quote from wishr: “and they all or most of them will be destroyed during phase 3 for sure. ” There is no phase 3. (after phase 2 - the Hideout becomes completed, its built, you can enter it - and becomes invulnerable until the season starts). ” Wrong. Phase 3 is the second 20 minutes frame time the hide out becomes vulnerable at the beggining of the lands prime time the next day and AFTER this it becomes invulnerable and fully stablished. ” It…

  • It's up now. Thank you for resolving it quickly.

  • Quote from Captainrussia: “Quote from wishr: “At the end all we got was just a few flat T6 items, some cheap mats and 1.5mil in fame credits. ” you guys didnt get any avalonian artifacts even?!?!?Quote from wishr: “All of us think that this is definitely not worth it. Ofc, if people get used to it and know the strategy we will die less, but this does not change the fact that the loot is still not worth it to fight for. ” Maybe 1 run is not a good point of data? Try running a few more - see if th…

  • Hi all folks, So we completed a T6 Elite Dungeon yesterday in a few hours and while it was entertaining and fun experience in general, the whole party party thinks that this is still not worth it in terms of loot. Most of the party members had ~1300 (1250-1450) IP and we were cleaning pretty quickly. Yes, we had not prepared well and most people did not even know the strategy for bosses - that's why wipes were not uncommon. We were repairing gear using tables and spent around 1-3mil each on the …

  • +1 for the killboard to be extremely slow past week.

  • A few Chat bugs

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    Hi folks, Below are a few things I noticed after the Queen update when I reset my chat window and started re-configuring it from scratch. 1. If you had no timestamps enabled and then enable them the "right mouse button" menu will be glitched until client restart - the drop-down menu button titles will be out of the position. 2. The game automatically adds a "Party" chat tab to the end of the chat tabs even if you already have the same party tab configured manually with the same settings (/w + /p…

  • Guys, I don't know what you did, but starting with this patch performance has decreased... Any comments what was changed from the tech. perspective?

  • What are the tech. details behind this patch?

  • Me and other party member from various countries had jumping ping, several random DCs (i got 5) and lags today in between 20-00 and 21-30 UTC. The affected zone was Flesheater Morass and Group RDs within it.