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  • I always use a Macbook Pro from the mid 2013 to play this game. It is okay to play Albion Online, but you should always recap the maximum frame per second into 30fps only. All else it will burn your Macbook Pro, because like all of the Macbook Pro graphic card sucks real badly. You can setup maximum 30fps inside your game application settings when you are playing your game.

  • Quote from DryEvil: “Nvidia Shield Tablet. Hardware specs: CPU - Cortex-A15 (2.2 GHz x4) GPU - GeForce Kepler (192 cores) RAM - 2 GB Resolution of Display - 1080x1920 Conclusion: Looking at all mobiles on this list up to now this tablet has the best performance, generally the game outside cities runs smooth, above 30 FPS but sometimes appear freezes, but these don't affect negatively on whole process of playing so on the comfort. This tablets was creating for gami…

  • Someone is using my account. I have seen my player have moved into somewhere else after I have logged back in. Also, sometime this linked image below will appear and have logged me out. After when I exit my game application, I can finally log back in. It looks like someone is trying to test my account, then hack me if my player is very strong. But, the good thing I have not really been hacked, because the hacker still thinks my player is too noob at T3. My main question, is my account safe enoug…

  • I thought all people needs to change their email address in their account, because in case your email address is lost forever, then your game account won't be useless forever.

  • Sorry, have misread a little bit. Because, your writing seems a bit unclear to me. You could have just write a formula way of how you calculate it instead of writing so much words. Like... Resources in Each Spot Chances = 8. Gathering Time Sample in Each Resource = 5 seconds. Traveling Time Sample in Each Spot= 2 seconds. 8*5 = 40 Therefore, is around 40 seconds of gathering time in each spot without a traveling time. 1 - (2/40) = 0.95 Therefore, is around 95% of a gathering time and gaining fam…

  • Quote from ZaZii: “As for the Fame-per-second sheet: Even though you can argue "it only works for 100% gathering and no travel-inbetween, which isn't realistic" - it still is very accurate, when Tool-Tier = plus/minus 1 resource-tier. ” I know a bit of math reasoning in game programming, because I am in computer science. So, I am pretty sure using a 1 higher Tool Tier to gather a resource with a 1 tier lower resource does not equal to only gathering resources time without no traveling time. It i…

  • Funny Games Designs

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    Wait is this a April Fools?

  • Funny Games Designs

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    Since, many of you guys used to play RuneScape. This is a funny game content. RuneScape wants to make your game character to be level zero or one. Is it just me that I think this is a bad game design? Because, I think the player goal does not really make any sense anymore to the point is not fun at all anymore. UnLevel Your RuneScape Character Game Link

  • I think I have heard this new update inside a AO video the resource will regenerate randomly within a range of a time. But, cool I just relies the new update have a watchtower, because I have not played for a while already.

  • I like your reasoning of gathering and your horse method the most. But, I think the Mercenary Shoes with Invisibility then run away with a horse is the best shoes.

  • Nevermind, I think I should have Mercenary Shoes to be Invisibility, because I sometimes be gathering.

  • -- Which boot should I wear? When many of the boots have lesser different spell choices. I want the boot to be more like having a block or a defence spell on it during my close up damage that kind of fits with my Cursed Staff and maybe solo PvE or 3v3 battle.

  • Oh my god, I just have a lucky day at March 14. I just have my 1st University snow day at North America, at the same time as the epic pack Galahad release day.

  • Oh man, if they release at July I will be missing 2 months of playing this game during my university summer break. I wish this game will release right at beginning of my university summer break at early May instead of July. But, at least early July is right after the high school have ended.

  • I think I remember albion online project have started at around late 2012. And albion online was very well known at beginning of 2013. Hopefully, albion online will release by 2017 with around 5 years of good development. Because, I think I have seen plenty of small indie mmorpg have screw up by developing too little and too fast. But, albion online sounds alright to me with their polish development, and the albion online gameplay does looks fun, and the albion online gameplay does make sense at…

  • Is the beta testing ended yet? I have not look at this website for a long time because the beta testing was too long from before.

  • In the Release Date, should the Legendary, Epic and Veteran founder be all available at the same time and day at once, because the release is not a closed beta?

  • AlbionWiki

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    Wow @Mon already updated a lot of wiki already pretty fast inside about our new final beta.

  • I think in the last beta, tank is slowly better than the mobility range. But, there is a new good resurrection healer spell inside T7 holy staff. Should I change to be a tank in this new beta? So what should I wear in this new beta to be a tank? I never been a tank before and I have no experience to be a tank yet. I think I only know that usually tank is the only good for PvE and having a solo protection. I am mostly a casual player or sometimes a bit of solo player inside a guild. I have not pl…

  • Mac OS X/Unity framerate cap

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    I find out it is not the Albion Online programmer fault, I think. It is because all of the macbook graphic cards sucks for playing a high end graphic game, because mac is not made for high end gaming but only windows is made for gaming. Even my friend that is good about the computer stuff say so. I have done some benchmarking to test my graphic card in my macbook pro, but it sucks real bad. Here is my proof that the all of the macbook graphic cards sucks. Here is …