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  • @Korn. There is no pretty solution, because its really about finding a way to get actualy fights under a zonecap limit. the cleanest solution i see is to simply only allow joining the cluster qeue from a hideout if you are in the same alliance as the hideout owner. Then you are part of a existing force, or you quit the alliance to circumvent - but it will only give you one extra army slot and you will still be under the alliance leave/rejoin rules. It could lead to having 5 hideouts, one from es…

  • your solution would only promote alts, and not really solve anything.

  • Greetings, I am having the pleasure of being attacked of a megazerg, and currently the game mechanics stop fights from happening, and against the intention it is purely a numbers game instead of a fighting game. The core problem is the inability to rejoin a fight after first death, or after first cluster qeue zone out. Its not a problem that a superior number force attacks anything, but the game must allow the smaller army to actually defend themselves, and currently this is not the case. If you…

  • +1000 for the original UO map on the wall.

  • Cluster Queue

    Sinatra.SUN - - Developers' Statements


    Quote from Korn: “Quote from Sinatra.SUN: “implementing mechanics that provides huge advantage to whoever is in the zone first, is promoting the worst possible form of gameplay there is. ” That is indeed a concern. However, what should counter-balance this is that right now, due to the cluster queue based strategy described above, the people who are in the zone first have a disadvantage if they have to defend an object in the zone that is not close to an exit. They'd have to pick between contest…

  • Cluster Queue

    Sinatra.SUN - - Developers' Statements


    implementing mechanics that provides huge advantage to whoever is in the zone first, is promoting the worst possible form of gameplay there is. /F

  • June 3d what about a contest for next content update launch date. They went from 4 to 3 content updates a year, which is 4 months between updates. Its more than 4 months since last update, which means they are already over time, but still no announcements.

  • you probably need to elaborate a bit. What do you mean with points before sharing ?. where in the game do you see 2 different numbers?

  • It could also be that some of you posts are being removed because you act like a spoiled child who didn't get a cookie.

  • Quote from Saabotage: “DEAR SBI YOU deleted my post where I called you ridiculous. YOUR RIDICULOUS. You don't have common sense that God gave to Bread. MAKE THIS TOURNAMENT MORE INCLUSIVE! ” It cannot be more inclusive. Everyone can participate, and the lvl1 crystal fights are even without losing your gear. A tournament where everyone can participate, is the very definition of inclusive. I wont win , you wont win - but we can both participate if we want. how can that be bad?. I think making a ro…

  • Your caps are with you. technically its a level 10 competition, and a lvl 10 competition means you win lvl9. you have all the time in the world to qualify, and if you want to be there , just train and qualify. And get ready for this: What is the difference between forum posts and crystal fights?. -only crystals are won with caps. And yes im highfiving myself now.

  • @'Korn’ If there are more players it makes sense ofc, and if there are contestants enough for a event, and they want to fight each other its just great.

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Lol .. Just Lol.. Elitism and money donation to the elitism at its best... ” So you think the prices should go to the losers?

  • So they want to make a 3-5 team tournament with more than ten billion worth in prices, on top of the already huge lvl9 winner prices and season points?. im not against it as those teams would win regardless, just suprised at the giant prices. ps And i still think you will see many of those teams not fighting each other, which would make a big event pretty embarasing. You need to make it like the lvl1 fights with no loot and a fixed hardcap on ip. Otherwise you will see teams not fighting /F

  • It must be a mistake when you write that you have to win a lvl9 fight to participate? lvl9 is the season end fight, so that makes absolutely no sense. it would make more sense if you had to win a lvl7 fight, so maybe just a typo?.

  • so you are saying that playing the game is its designed, is the same as moving your opponents chess pieces when they look Away :). We are not breaking any rules here, and in a sandbox game it doesnt really get dumber than calling people names if they dont play the game exactly as YOU want others to play it.

  • one day you trolls would realise that we would have a bigger chance at moving in the right direction if the different parts could have a constructive dialogue, instead of having you bunch spitting after guys like me every time i try to give some insights in how it actually works. If you just wanna sit in a corner shouting at the cruel world, throwing sticks at the outland guilds that you hate so much if they actually try and engage in dialogue. Then you will get zero progress, because the forum …

  • Quote from Kopetcam: “Sinatra own 10 terris meanwhile his guild is worse than royal guilds with 30 members. Talking about influence and how it should work, pathetic. ” Thank you for your constructive feedback for the disaray discussion. You are a beacon of hope for the gaming community.

  • Hey gloks, I think you are missing so many things that its hard to take seriously, but ill try with a couple of arguments. First of all, There is no way to kill of diplomacy. I dont really think you should either, but you simply cannot force people to fight each other. The more you lower the territory cap the more in incentivie handholding its that simple. You also talk about ranks, but a simple fact is that those not caring about the ranks are the ones most likely to succeed. Look at CIR, Eleva…

  • I dont really get that question. The game has a giant amount of content, and t here are so many things i miss doing that just cannot be done when you play for central outlands. My argument was from a central outlands point of view, but there is a giant amount of things to do at any given time in this game, so what to do can simply never be a issue for anyone.