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  • At least the outlands could have a separate server for each region, since there you have big open-world ZvZs and everyone would benefit greatly from low ping. And then when you go to the royal continent, you are connected to a global server. So everyone there is in the same server.

  • I nominate Lymhurst for the best! No particular reason, it's just where I live.

  • Another ganking rant

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    Dude you can make back what you lost in 10 minutes... Those gankers probably spent more time than that to get your gear..

  • Dont Respec Lads - So long!

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    if you got 200$ to respec then you are probably wealthy enough to not care about the purchase too much. If you actually needed the 200$, then you are just not very smart...

  • why are SBI killing Albion?

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    Why not gank in the black zone then? And there's still plenty redzones around caerleon

  • Rate the avatar above you!!

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    10/10 because I'm a hunter. nice pic

  • Quote from koninka: “lul i feel sad for new players ” Why? Isn't the amount of fame needed for each artifact also split? Eg. if you now need 300k fame for artifact after update you will need 100k for rune weapon, 100k for soul weapon and 100k for relic weapon?

  • Multiple servers is the most desirable solution. However, things like the marketplace should be universal across all servers, to keep it competitive and fun. MOBA-style combat just doesn't work with a universal server.. sorry SBI

  • Quote from Piddle: “@ 25% RRR + 30% (100%) Journal RRR @ 25% RRR + 45% (150%) Journal RRR ” Wait, does the journal make such a big difference? 30% extra return on a single pair of shoes? I've never calculated it but it seems way off, since it takes multiple pairs to fill 1 T4 journal

  • Versatility is important too. Being able to change with the meta, not being stuck in one specialization. Still, i support this suggestion (or something similar), because T8 needs to see more use.

  • Quote from Neesh: “Quote from stovie: “Hi albion devs, not sure where to post this but i was missing some money today and didnt release for some reason the item went over 9000. can i get a refund on the posting please if not then its ok regards stovie ” You can cancel buy orders and get your money back. ” Im pretty sure he's talking about the 2.4m setup fee that he already paid and is not getting back

  • Training Dummy

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    It would definitely be useful! You could compare damage values on different combos / different builds. Maybe have different tiered dummies, the most basic one having no equipment. Then add armor and resistances with tiers. So you can see how resistances impact your damage.

  • @Xezqez Because not all improvements have to be game breaking. Small quality of life changes here and there can go a long way.

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “Yes, we can disagree, and that is healthy. It's not about being extreme. In my opinion, i'd rather have stuff being dealt locally than globally. The information (in this case, the prices) and the goods. The way it is now, people that puts more effort profit more. If a single group of players that craft / market togheter use albion online project data togheter they can basically achieve something close to your suggestion, as you just said. However, i don't use Albion Online D…

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “Like i just said. Just suggest a GLOBAL AH instead of 'let me check all LOCAL prices anywhere'. Information is way more important than any physical good. ” Why do we have to go from one extreme to the other? No, i dont want to suggest a global AH. My suggestion is to show prices, but keep goods local. We can disagree, it's fine. That's why we discuss. Quote from N3XUS: “I think if everyone would be able to see the exact prices in every town it would hurt the traders in the l…

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “It's a local market. So you have to check it local. If there are peddlers on your street, do you think you can check their prices in another city? ” So following the same logic, i would guess you can't send a message to a player unless he's next to you, right? No wait, messages are sent globally. That's what prices are. A message. Not a physical good. You basically send a message to Martlock's auctioner and ask the price of item X. He send you the reply and you see those pri…

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “I'm against this. The job of checking is part of the market game. Albion Online Data Project is more than enough for people to have an idea of the prices. If someone has their own sheets of particular information and, with it, makes money more efficiently so be it. They did put more effort into it and deserve the extra silver. ” And with this change, its no longer part of the market game. BOOM! Get rekt. If it wasn't part of the game, what argument would you have FOR adding …

  • Quote from Xezqez: “Not saying the idea is terrible but it is totally against the design of the market system with being LOCAL. By doing this you basically make markets not local and they should remain the way they are in that respect. Saying it is a waste of time is a lazy mans excuse. A man/woman saying Oh if I just check here maybe I can make an easy buck. Big difference and the difference is lazy vs ambitious. Lets not reward the lazy looking for a work around while others are actually tryin…

  • This argument came up also last month.. and the month before that... If you would own the mount already and be irritated because its value was decreased, I would still disagree with you, but at least I would understand you. But you don't even have the mount and you complain why they give it to you for free.... I'm not even gonna argue.

  • Quote from MedievalHistory: “Not really your idea op. I brought this very same issue up over 2 years ago... no idea why a mod locked my thread, but here it is. NEW IDEA FOR MERCHANTS - AH Price Checker Station in Every Major City. ” Ye, because I definitely checked threads opened 2 years ago to see what ideas I can steal....