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  • where are all the eggs at? I don't want any more rotting animal skins that respawn every few seconds . I would like to have a nice time collecting eggs but the respawn rate is not in line with the super fast respawns you have added for the new influx of players. Its crazy!

  • Do the eggs spawn instanced for the individual or is it first come first get basis? And if so have you upped the respawn rate of the eggs because whilst navigating my way through lands filled with piles upon piles of skinned carcus and deforestation on an industrial scale it took me more them 30 minutes to find one egg!

  • Quote from Craf: “Blackscreened and can¨t login. ” I was in a RD and came out to a black screen. When I relog it goes straight to game and still black screen. I can see my cursor and hear the sound but nothing else. Also it put it in window mode all by itself.

  • Hi everyone, I recently decided to come back to PC gaming because of the WoW classic announcement. I resubbed and decided to play a bit to tide me over until classic comes out. I then saw a couple of youtube ads for Albion and it looked interesting. I decided to buy a Veteran pack ( it seemed great value). I am now 4 days into playing and have not logged into WoW once since installing Albion. This game for me is a proper MMORPG. I can decide what I want to do. When I get some new gear it feels l…

  • The mount looks great. I hope I can find enough time to earn it.