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  • do you not like effort? oh yes, you like having a godspeed wolf that can catch basically anything. that's not effort. how about the gatherers that are grinding for possibly hours on end? they put in more effort than you ever will and they still have a hard time getting away from direwolves. by the time that a direwolf pack gets into a gatherer's radar, they're basically already dead. why do you want to take the slightest bit of survivability and take it away? if you want to provide a useful solu…

  • like i said, you're buying no one over by calling them names and criticizing albion for having casuals. stop talking out of your butthole

  • Quote from Boogis: “Quote from daklajakld: “I assume that personal Islands and Farms are a excellent selling Point for Gold/Premium Time for more than one char. Taking those away and work around a feature that is functional might not be a good idea. I see no good reason to change anything but i must admit my Albion knowledge is limited. The way you would like to shape the economy is kinda hardcore and while i can emphatize that some people would appreciate such a world i believe most people wont…

  • ,':\ for me it's probably still more dangerous to be faction flagged in a blue zone than it is to be riding around the new reds. however, i am a tad bit disappointed that martlock's main route to the mardale underway is now red-flagged.

  • keep people from overcharging at low health ?

  • Quote from Red Brick: “This update will hurt the poorest members of the community who cant afford a good computer. ” well it's a compromise for improving the game. windows 8/8.1/10 are guaranteed 64-bit, i think most modern versions of linux have 64-bit, and you're not poor if you have a macbook. considering most people who can't afford a good computer would probably just play a game $15 and under, it's safe to say that like talion said, only a small fraction of the players will get cut off.

  • can't do anything

  • it keeps saying i'm not allowed to edit the wiki through the API.

  • Merlyn is Live!

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    i'd like to see a small price calculator to the left of the main panel so you can see what you're losing. you can also use this to stack different fees to see how much you can get out of your money

  • Merlyn is Live!

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    i occasionally trade, i'll try testing the new market functions soon. it just looks so intimidatingly plain yet complex

  • i was trying to swap the current private island upgrade image with an edited one, but it says i'm not allowed to edit through the API. whoever IS allowed to edit the api, i have the edited picture attached. it's almost just like the old one, except the numbers are corrected and such. i'm working on the guild island one right now also, congrats on moving the platform @Bogul but still when i search for it on google the gamepedia shows up first (Hidden Content)

  • i think they could remake the system to which you make friends when playing the game in general, more easily. the arena seems like a good first step, as well as expeditions/HCE. if another person is queued for group HCE/Arena, and you've fought together before, you're automatically paired with them. it could work like this giant, uneven spider web, where players are linked with every other person they've fought with more than once. that way, they not only get regular fighting partners (which lik…

  • can someone tell me the base/upgrade costs for the islands? outdated on forums, i'm going to change it.

  • eh, players that didn't check the forums and news closely most likely skipped over the 'full loot' topic, and after being massacred by a party of 20 Thetford raiders in Martlock territory, left faction warfare and decided it was too risky. there is also the possibility that they are simply trying to find the faction with the most outposts, or the one with the best buffs and territory layout. either way, this doesn't change the fact that there should be some sort of limitation to how fast players…

  • Thank you for shedding light on this topic @Evas_Flarelight

  • 1125 last time i checked, one month premium is almost 3 million, so brick's calculations are pretty much accurate. however, because of this it would actually be a better deal to just buy it from the store for ten dollars, which i also recommend because it directly supports the further development of updates and keeping the server running.

  • This is one of the threads that do not address a direct issue, but is simply an idea for improvement that could keep up player retention. Here's my pitch: DISCLAIMER: as with most of my other suggestion threads, if anyone makes a point about any flaws in my argument, i will edit parts in different colors to resemble different users, so the same point isn't called out multiple times. this is just a de-cluttering method that summarizes the claim and the argument. There are many different monsters …

  • HCE admins

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    why doesn't someone lock this thread already? it's mostly name calling and insults that repeat arguments over and over. it's literally the most active thread on the forums lol

  • Merlyn is Live!

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    for the first time in months i get ganked, lose master's gear all high quality enchanted, but i'm somewhat not mad. just pay 5 dollars to get literally everything back

  • is this sandbox?

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    @tabooshka but is albion a sandbox? you said eve online was one, and then that happened. but we need to find a consensus upon what we believe is the problem with the feature before a solution can be made,and we can accomplish this as fast as we're able to put our minds together. if you're thinking tl;dr;, there's a post on page one i should bring back up Quote from Windoen: “Quote from owensssss: “Feel like nothing will come of this entire thread. A ton of semantics ” it's a discussion about how…