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  • City plot question

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    Hello, I have a question regarding city plots. Some plots are for sale in Caerleon meaning I could buy them directly without going through the auctions. Say I buy one of the plots for 25m silver. Will I own it for 4 weeks and then it will be auctionned, or is it going to be auctionned for 3 more days like the other plots (which would mean that I kinda got ripped off with my 25m investment because I would instantly have to defend my plot against bidders)?

  • Alliances do have a guild limit an ARCH reached it now they have to be z bit more picky about who they recruit and guilds that are too small do not get invites.

  • Quote from Fok: “Quote from Dragnon: “Join ARCH. Its the noob alliance of the server. ” How to join? What is required? ” Ask one of the ARCH guilds if they are recruiting. Unlike other big alliances ARCH is not elitist and takes mostly everyone. Nothing is required.

  • Quote from Savvah: “Quote from Elarahis: “Zerging in the red zone yields little reward. Low risk low reward. Gathering yields much better reward but there is more risk. That is what risk versus reward means. ” Very untrue. You get these PK zergs sweeping red zones. They herd players in with poison and cc and they often make good bank doing so. Gathering in the red zone only helps you level up gathering, there is very little reward. The Zerg population whined and there is almost no enchanted in r…

  • The queues are already very long (maybe unless you are a healer), if you restrict pug vs pug only or group vs group then the queues are going to be longer. You also need to think of 2-4 player groups and how they would fit. Every game has this issue and the smaller the playerbase, the harder it is to make a system that will provide fair matches. As a side note, there are millions of thread claiming "This is the worst matchmaking ever made" in about every single team game I ever played.

  • About renewing my premium.

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    Wow. Thanks for the quote Elsa. I did not know that SBI was greedy like that. I am not sure what you tried to prove using this quote but if anything you proved the OP right. If SBI takes gold out of the market like that it really explains why the cost of gold is increasing. In essence this is 100% the same thing as selling silver directly to the players which I always thought they did not do. In fact this makes the game a p2w. You buy gold using RM, SBI buys your gold using silver they generated…

  • Zerging in the red zone yields little reward. Low risk low reward. Gathering yields much better reward but there is more risk. That is what risk versus reward means.

  • Somewhere between 300k and 1 millions silver a day with 10k focus. Some days are better than others.

  • Quote from Brudal: “If a dude can get BILLIONS of fame just harvesting his damn carrots why i cant have some fame for fighting other ppl for 15 minutes?! This is not fair IMHO ” The fame you get from carrots only improves your carrot skill and your adventurer skill and nothing else. The fame you get from PvP outside Arenas only improves your adventurer skill and nothing else. In other words you do not get any useful fame from PvP, PvP fame is just for bragging rights.

  • maybe stop trolling the forums and take care of your kids

  • Quote from RealSavvyg: “Get out of ARCH and find a decent alliance. If you can't find a fame group in a 10k person alliance. The alliance is either trash or you're doing something very wrong. ” If you can help me get into a good alliance I would be happy to.

  • This is clearly an exploit. No need to overcomplicate the system. Simple solution: forbid it and ban the whole guild on first offense.

  • Ganking is relatively low risk and low reward.

  • It seems there is nothing to do except for expeditions ;/. Here is my typical AO session: Login - Use focus on all 3 characters crafting/refining - Sell items, relist items that did not sell and that were too badly undercut - Send back laborers - Type LFG fame FARM in Alliance chat....... no reply - Log out Expeditions are boring, gathering is getting boring and really not worth it considering I make tons of silver crafting taking 0 risk, spending an hour to get 100k silver seems like a waste of…

  • When you invested hundreds of hours and LP into a build, no, you cannot just switch.

  • WoW is not a MMO. It is an instanced game where groups of 5 to 25 players play together. I would not call 25 players massive so it does not qualify as MMO. WoW has no relevant econony as all the best items cannot be sold, no world PvP that has any consequence at all and the whole questing thing is a solo player feature.

  • Gold Cap

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    If SBI sells anything other than cosmetic items for gold then the game becomes p2w. I doubt they would ever do that unless the game starts to die. I would instantly quitbif SBI sold non cosmetic items for gold. The price of gold would skyrocket and itbwould become impossible to pay for premium with silver and the gane would be dominated by the p2w crowd. Hopefully this never happens.

  • I do not know where the KoS mrntality comes from but it is how almost everyone does it in AO.

  • About Noobs

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    So you want to make T7 even stronger than it is to a point where you can win 1 vs 3 using T7 vs T4? Yeah great idea then it makes GvG and Hellgates require expensive gear even more and gives absolutly no chance to players with lower gear. And about the skill perhaps these 3 T4 guys were more skilled than you. Im fact they probably were.

  • This game is not balanced for 1v1. Your suggestion is ridiculous. 1v1 is bland and boring, there are a handdful of good 1v1 build and your change would make everything else useless. This game is not about fair 1v1 fights. Play Street Fighter if that is what you want.