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  • Zitat von Ryudo: „19:00 UTC is a bad time. It is a late evening for a lot of players. “ no its not

  • Zitat von Tabor: „The current black zone owners are unhappy because they might not be able to afford to bring insane top end gear to every GvG anymore to control territory. So as several people have now said the logical evolution is wear less expensive gear. If the value is reduced across the board then maybe you can get away with GvGing in Anglia with 7.1. Benefits all over the place in this case. Many more guilds could actually get involved which would also drive more opponents in Crystal. Wou…

  • im done, you still dont understand the difference between BZ territory and redzone

  • Zitat von Wadefu: „The GvG to get the territory is capped, but the Crystal gvg that earns the rewards are not limited to fighting other Royal territories... It sort of makes sense that the rewards would be similar seeing how a Royal territory gvg team can vs a mercia territory gvg team. “ ???

  • Zitat von SirusX715: „Whole lot of screaming in here that the territory value nerf will make gvging unsustainable. Why would guilds not just reduce thier the gear budget in response to territory value going down. If you drop a gear tier, you bring the risk/reward ratio back in line. “ thats why most people are complaining about anglia vs redzones, because rewards are the same as non adjacent terris to raid zones and they are ip capped LOL…1823031336981/unknown.png

  • Zitat von Wadefu: „I'm sure there are plenty of guilds who will take your territories if you drop them because you think they are not profitable. “ im sure theres not a single guild outside of major alliances that can sustain that territory if they tried As for your last sentence, terris dont magically hold themselves

  • Zitat von Wadefu: „Zitat von tabooshka: „I guess you completely missed the point “ I must be confused then. Sinatra said rewards are not high enough for what you gain from a crystal gvg and it would be dumb to engage because both sides lose? Team A brings 6.1 gear Team B brings T8.1 gear and relics Both teams overcharge Maybe Team B is ahead by 75 IP Team A is able to kill 2 people with relics on team B Although Team B won the crystal Team A effectively will attempt to starve team B if they can …

  • sorry busy slaying noobs in red zones

  • Zitat von CaptainPando: „LOL when its 6+ vs 1 T6 armored horse. Not shit you can do. And nice try. I use All weapons. Not just 1 or 2 of them. So before u want to post get ur stuff together. I use, Nature staffs, Holy staffs, Bows, Mace, Quarter staffs, Daggers. You name it i can play it. “ how can you get caught when you see its 6 though, nice weapons, do they make them for open world? you can get tagged by bl, but for them to kill you you had to run into them rofl

  • Zitat von CaptainPando: „Zitat von Elsa: „Zitat von CaptainPando: „@Elsa Do you still play this game? “ I do and I use the Bloodletter (I play solo). I think the bloodletter is in a good place - what I would like to see though are more viable options for open-world solo play. “ what I would like to see though are more viable options for open-world solo play.??? But you only use Bloodletters “ nice arguments dude, maybe you shouldnt suck so you wouldnt get dismounted in a red zone that shows you …

  • Zitat von Neef: „big guild or not 5mil isn't a lot and if your saying that because im in a big guild it doesn't seem like a lot. You should be happy its that much so you can get some fame. it takes a lot of 5mils to get to level 100 and level 100 spec. and that's just one set this game really makes you need more then one type of weapon and in a lot of cases armor also depending on what your doing and meta changes. “ 200-300k fame per gvg is a lot, especially when you are lvling your alt because …

  • Zitat von Wadefu: „Zitat von Sinatra.SUN: „One challenge is that losing just one t4 relic artifact will cost more than you gain from winning the majority of fights. “ Isn't this the main turn on with Albion?Resource warfare? Risk vs Reward? Starving the enemy? Even if you cannot beat your opponent 5v5 if you are losing 6.1 and they are losing t4 relics are you really losing that much compared to them? This is what separates Albion from MOBA's... “ I guess you completely missed the point

  • because its not op

  • Zitat von Akuti: „Zitat von Fusionbomb: „Zitat von tabooshka: „Zitat von Captainrussia: „- can these minibosses enchant? “ yes “ 111053-Applause-Gif-Applause-Archives-Reaction-Gifs.gif “ Remember that the minibosses are T6 = almost no value except lvling gathering t6 specc and to get past t5-6 gathering, this will most likely make t6 even more worthless “ one 6.3 miniboss and you are rich by filling t5 journals

  • Zitat von Captainrussia: „- can these minibosses enchant? “ yes

  • Zitat von IkeHyran: „The purging shield addition is a little concerning, this is an easily accessible (non artifact) counter to most of the builds in the game. Imo there are too many purges in the game already. Are the self heals from mercenary or hellion jackets considered heals that can't be purged or are those only like hots from nature? The skill seems to good not to take for most comps. It's an instant shutdown for skills like hellion or stalker jacket where you just have to be standing nea…

  • Zitat von Gr4vit4tion: „A DDOS attack cant shutdown a sever within less than a minute, i was online and i got lags for about 10seconds and disconnected.... Its like lag->freeze->lag->freeeeeeeeeze->down this would take several minutes, sometimes up to 10 And DDOS is the most excuse of MMORPG´s if they cant find/handle the issue... I was GM on 2 big ones and i really know what i´m talking about, we did the same cause it looks way better “ thats a cool story but you are clueless

  • hehe, wont need to fame farm ever again

  • Zitat von skillazor: „Zitat von DuendeBrek: „No T8 on terris reduces budget for GvG teams. “ if ur guild is not lazy u can probably get even more t8 resources form OW nowgl “ yea, no point to gvg at all

  • thats why you can see tax contribution in seperate window