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  • hi

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    You fucking twat

  • Yeah, the Rare Animal Breeder window is confusing as it says 'Raise Direwolf Pup or better' and Direwolf Pup is T6....BUT you can actually raise any T5 baby classed as 'Rare' (Rare = needing to be raised in a kennel) and level up.…5e0e4d582086a4f0adeb82ae1

  • Question about biomes

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    Although if you want to gather AND level up a weapon biomes/maps with the highest concentration of hides would be the best way to go, as you earn combat fame killing the animal you then skin for it's hide.

  • [8. July 2020] Queen Hotfix 15.1

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    Quote from SuckerPunch: “I am hoping this is just a 'hotfix' and real balancing will come soon. Because you know.. there is nothing more permanent than 'temporary'. ” Quote from Retroman: “Self Ignition (Specter Jacket) - Self Damage per tick: 50 true Damage -> 2% of max health - The auras can't be stacked anymore. If multiple auras hit the same target, they override each other) ”

  • Quote from McDobs: “Quote from Termak: “For those quoting their ms numbers getting better with higher fps, do this math test: Divide 1 with your fps number (1/fps), compare that to your "ms" number and notice that they are the same. The ms you see when typing /fps has nothing to do with your ping, its just the timer between frames, exactly like fps but shown different way. Also since light speed is a thing, your personal internet connection has little to do with your ping when playing on servers…

  • Quote from ALEXDEC: “The Undead Challenge returns Too bad it is an event even after getting the points, you have to pay to win the mount, and an event should be on merit, not money, at least one event, to get paid and another for free, this encourages players, but just focusing on money is also not cool, sometimes we have to give up in order to earn more. ” You still get plenty of daily rewards for doing the challenge, including 10 LP per day. If you're not willing to support the game with Premi…

  • Albion Api

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    Quote from Triky313: “Since yesterday I have had the problem that the following API call no longer works - example: Does anyone have another way to get current icons? ” See this post: Update on API - New Endpoints

  • Ask Player112. What's up with this gank 7 This idiot lost not just one, but TWO Command Mammoths in the space of 2 weeks.

  • Brilliant! Always enjoy your content

  • Would like more LP gain

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    Let it go. It won't happen. Enjoy the game with your 20 LP. If you feel hard done by, try playing without Premium, earn your daily 10, and see if you then feel that Premium is worth paying for. (i'll give you a is!).

  • Quote from robbieradiant: “i'm running windows 7 (the computer came packaged with windows vista) ” Your PC is way to old to play. It must be at least 8 years old, probably older. For a start, the game clearly tells you to install it to an SSD, which I'm sure you don't have.

  • Would like more LP gain

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    This is by no means a new discussion. Way back when the Adventurers Challenge and F2P started, I too was a bit pissed that non-Premium players were getting 10 LP while I still only got my ‘paid for’ 20. I soon realised that Premium players already get great value for money with a huge advantage of focus and the extra fame for literally every activity. LP is fine as it is.

  • Quote from JETracktor: “Where did those dungeon entrances will spawn? In every zones? Can I enter this dungeon in blue zone but chose max item power? ” No, it looks like these will only spawn in Yellow, Red and Black zones. Hunter Difficulty = Yellow Zone Stalker Difficulty = Red, Black Slayer Difficulty = Red, Black + you need 50k+ Infamy

  • Really liking the look of this and the 'Rise' update seems like it will be well worth the wait. And what's with the countdown timers on the ability cooldowns - is this a new feature too?

  • Quote from ohyeah: “Why was it omitted? , and why don't they warn in time? terrible service ” That's funny. Having no maintenance is a positive, but you manage to turn into a negative

  • iOS Beta

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    Try going into the game settings menu (top right icon) GAME SETTINGS > VIDEO Make sure SHADOWS are OFF and change all other settings to LOW

  • Have you thought of buying a mouse with programmable buttons (usually on the side, where your thumb rests)? I don't own one myself, but there's many available. Google the Razer Naga Hex 2 for example. If you can program those buttons to bind to Q, W, E, R etc then that should be a big help. However, it would be worth getting clarification that this type of device is actually 'legal' within Albion.

  • Hey @MakeMeCoffee, sorry to hear of your accident, and I wish you a speedy recovery. You can change the the key bindings for spells, within the in-game Settings menu, accessed from the gear icon, top right of game. Unfortunately, there is no in-game way to bind spells to mouse buttons at the moment. Edit: You can also change your spell casting method, via the Controls settings in the in-game settings menu too. Maybe Quick Cast on button release will help?

  • Noise Polution

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    Quote from Tabor: “Sound is one thing also please just add a damn consume all button as well. This one at a time thing is harsh for fingers! ” +1 for this too

  • Avalonian Weapons were first mentioned in the Dev Talk on June 12th, which directly coincides with the dates on your screenshot market graphs. Edit: What I mean is, the surge that you find suspicious in your screenshots actually coincides with the June 12th Dev Talk, rather than your NDA playtest theory.