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  • @PrintsKaspian There is also a bug with laborers. Sometimes when you give them a new book their character model reverts to the model of them waiting to initialize (when they are first placed down) and it just sits there. It makes it difficult to make sure you have ran all of the laborers in the house because you still see their models.

  • Bumping this for all the possible fights tomorrow.. maybe the devs will study the way the queue is working at 18 and 21 to learn something..

  • Am I the only one that thinks 100k, 200k, 400k is too much for token costs? It should be half that imo.

  • Quote from KickinMACHINE: “POE is using the queue the same way as squad was doing so. So classic "no, u" happening here. We should all go solo guilds season 9 to prevent such problems in future. ” Please share your video of SQUAD zoning in and out of a zone with large numbers to force people to zone out.

  • Quote from Syndic: “Show me a better way of zoning more then 20% of my zerg into a gate being camped by 3 guilds. ” Idk, maybe you use the queue because it was designed for this...

  • Classic POE zonelocking strategies in action.

  • Today was the worst cluster queue experience I have ever had. Conflict joined a fight in Avalanche Incline fight with ~55 people. When we joined the zone, the cluster queue was not active and our allies came in behind us before cluster queue was activated. We went to the territory to fight with Take Care/Last Warn. Cluster queue started not long after the fight actually got started. We had a small skirmish with minimal casualties on all sides and ARCH joined the zone triggering an adjustment. Wh…

  • @PrintsKaspian Quote from @PrintsKaspian: “After Patch 6: - Items with durability: 10% durability loss (no change) - Items without durability: immune to destruction ” Was this just a typo? When repair costs were increased, the items with durability loss was reduced to 5%. Is that still the case after this patch?

  • I am excited for these changes. Just an FYI, SQUAD will be separating as a result of this new system. Disarray was already punishing us too much when separate alliances decided to team up on us. This was the final straw. We will start making the changes tonight.

  • Quote from blappo: “There are now like 3 threads on this, it has been posted before please read through the forums before reposting already existing requests ” I did a quick search on it before posting. It hasn't been implemented yet so I don't see a problem with reposting it.

  • Quote from Tabor: “If these "strong" guilds want content perhaps they would fight each other if no one else fought them?? What better way to show how dominate you really are than beat the newly available competition. ” SQUAD already does that.

  • Quote from Maaraken: “Quote from KingMoJo: “Quote from KickinMACHINE: “Quote from KingMoJo: “This change literally means you gave top ZvZ guilds the excuse to drop alliance and NAP to avoid the debuff issue, and all those newer alliances who banded together to stay alive will get punished even more. ” U can also finally try playing solo as the best ZvZ guild in the game, as u always wanted, nah? U'll still need 5 other strongest guilds by ur side? ” nothing changes for BA, just less debuff. Not …

  • You are so bad at understanding your own game it is sickening. You still haven't addressed any of the root issues and instead just threw the game to the wolves with 2 weeks to prepare. How are you going to do this in the middle of a season? It's like you have no idea how much preparation has gone into this season. Or for that matter how much work it takes to keep anything together for months. Now all hideouts that have been placed strategically for alliance goals are wasted. Now we have to go ba…

  • I would really like to see a /cm zvz command added. This should not have a minimum or maximum players (ie let me bring whoever is online). It should have more space than the current city map. The current city map only has 1 good fight location in the middle and it is a little tight for 40 people. It should have some nice neutral chokes to fight over. It should also have some elevated plateaus to change sight lines. A best case scenario would also include a castle on the map as well. These could …

  • Disarray in its current form is a huge failure. It didn’t make the game more balanced. Damage scaling has just lead to more people exploiting aoe escalation and killing large swaths of players. Then you also add in the effect of battlemounts too. Basically, players will always find ways to abuse whatever system is designed. I would like to see cluster queues without disarray. The queen update made the game much more stable in large fights and I think we can make it work.

  • Can you please re-evaluate the weight of journals as part of these changes? The current journal weight is ridiculous. If you are still worried about the royal fast travel system, just remove it. No luggage allowed in fast travel anywhere makes the most sense. This system is only used for exploitation anyway, removing it would make royal transport more viable. I also think there should be something to prevent crafting/refining while in town or else people will just use these cities the same as wh…

  • Another failed attempt at a crystal league queue... hopefully someone pays attention

  • Our current working theory is that we had to be in the same area to actually queue together. What if you are at your hideout and pugging with a character in town?