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  • Criminal Cooldown Reset

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    Moved as requested.

  • Quote from Funstealer: “do they still stack? ” Yes, it does.

  • Quote from Hyrkali: “That's a good idea... Actually, is there an Albion shop for derived products? Seems like selling prints, posters and goodies might be an interesting venue for the game... Edit: Actually, the more I look that up, the more I do NOT find Albion Online related merch... Is that on purpose or is it a marketing oversight? ” Hey, we currently do not have Albion Online related merch, but maybe this could be revisited in the future. No promises though!

  • Hey @LordSilva, thanks for the request! We'll look into this and see what we can do

  • Quote from CassX: “Quote from LordSilva: “And the off-hands??? ” I think it will apply to everything, including off-hands. ” Yes it will apply to off-hands

  • Quote from SHARKY: “Quote from JETracktor: “Where did those dungeon entrances will spawn? In every zones? Can I enter this dungeon in blue zone but chose max item power? ” No, it looks like these will only spawn in Yellow, Red and Black zones. Hunter Difficulty = Yellow Zone Stalker Difficulty = Red, Black Slayer Difficulty = Red, Black + you need 50k+ Infamy ” This is still a work in progress, but the devs are currently evaluating whether they want the Hunter Difficulty in other areas.

  • Quote from Harleyskillo: “Looks pretty fun, looking forward to it. Btw Can you earn faction points while farming these dungeons? Unless the loot is sinificantly better than your average solo dungeon (lets say t5 for lowest corrupted difficulty and t7 for intermediate full loot difficulty) i don't see the appeal in terms of potential rewards. ” You can’t be faction flagged in these dungeons, so unfortunately you won’t be able to earn faction points through this. Quote from SHARKY: “Really liking …

  • Hi everyone, Today’s Daily Maintenance has been skipped and there will be no further maintenance for this Friday. Nothing should be affected, but please let me know if you experience any issues. Thank you! - Mytherceria & Dev Team

  • Quote from fdxnfcnm: “@Mytherceria Since June 29nd I'm having one incorrect client version bug: "Incorrect client version! Server expects version 1.16.396.169086, but your client is only compatible to1.16.396.168823" Although I have a client version 1.16.396.169086. Completely deleted the game and installed. Nothing helps. And this problem is for many players. ” Hi, can you try repairing your client?

  • Quote from CassX: “Quote from Deathskills: “I mean they referred to the fighting trees, not to the crafting so far. ” Well I hope you're right.. Quote from Deathskills: “Would nice to have Elsa, PrintsKaspian, Retroman or Mytherceria comment on this if the changes will affect crafting trees the same way while also adding the avalonian tree. ” I asked about it on dev talk thread, no answer.. ” Hey there, @Obelis just made a statement clarifying this in the Dev Talk: Avalonian Weapons thread: Quot…

  • Quote from Zalrenic: “I have a fringe case I need clarified. Question of whether this would be allowed under TOS. (1) My guild has an "econ" team that is responsible for generating silver via various market activities to cover guild expenses. (2) These activities are supported by out of game analysis tools (3) Previously, the team shared profits on the honor system (4) I want to move to them paying silver upfront to encourage more competitive behavior. (5) for their money, they are guaranteed th…

  • Quote from Antiversum: “Since June 22nd I'm having another one incorrect client version bug: "Incorrect client version! Server expects version 1.16.396.169086, but your client is only compatible to1.16.396.168823" ” Hi @Antiversum, can you try the following: - Repair client - If the above doesn't work, then uninstall the game, download the game launcher here, install the game and update your launcher Let me know how it goes! Quote from TomatoBisque: “Keep getting booted, seeing a lot of people o…

  • Hi everyone, Please note that with [29. June 2020] Queen Hotfix 14.3, all crowd control immunities from the Outland Portal Shrine buff have been removed. - Mytherceria & Dev Team

  • Noise Polution

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    Quote from Blenfjorn: “For the love of God, please make the same change to Tomes of Insight that you made with Bags of Silver. People buy Tomes by the thousands and pop them over and over and over in town. I started sending these people party invites over and over to get them to stop but it only works so well. You already know how to make this change because you did it with Silver Bags, please do it for Tomes also! It's a real pain point. I don't even care if this suggestion was posted already. …

  • Quote from Boedavildje: “Just wanna point out a potential issue. Avalonian weapons might come out at the end of the season based on information in the recent video. If this happens an off-season tournament is going to happen just after they come out. Might wanna think about the implications of having a tournament with so much gear and rewards on the line just after completely changing the combat/meta in the game. Disregard this if ava weapons come out sooner, just something to think about if you…

  • Hi, For those who are still experiencing the stuck at 1% loading in the game client issue, can you please try the following: 1. Repair launcher 2. Reinstall through the launcher 3. If the above does not work, then - Delete the launcher - Delete the /Users/%username%/Library/Application Support/Sandbox Interactive GmbH/ folder (%username% is your account name) - Install the launcher again Let us know if this helps!

  • Queen Hotfix 14.1 Fixes - Fixed a bug where the Silence debuff from Invisibility Shrines around the Portals did not work

  • Update (15:53 UTC): - With Queen Hotfix 14.1 the Silence debuff from the Invisibility Shrines around the Portals is now working again. Update (15:27 UTC): - Server will be going down in roughly 15 minutes to deploy a hotfix for this bug. ________________ Hi everyone, We are aware of a recent bug which causes the Silence debuff from the Invisibility Shrines around the Portals not to work, allowing players to attack others while being invisible. We consider abusing this bug to be an exploit under …

  • Quote from williamMC: “mira yo ya no se mas que hacer no anda de ninguna pero de ninguna forma elimine trate de volver a instalar y nada la verdad que se agradecería que nos respondan o nos traten de dar una solucion xq esto no me sirve ” Hi, can you please DM me with a screenshot of the issue and let me know whether it is the launcher or the game client that is not working for you? Thanks!

  • Hi everyone, Thank you for your feedback regarding the launchers in the OP! Our devs have now deployed a new launcher to the live server which should be better for downloading future patches and resume download from where it stopped when the connection dropped. There is no need for you to do anything, as the launcher you have will automatically check for the new version and be updated accordingly. - Mytherceria & Dev Team