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  • I saw a post about Amazon having servers you could run your game off of. Why don't you guys go in this direction? If amazons servers can handle Fortnite they could handle Albion... Please look into this. (AWS)

  • I like your idea Tabor. If you go into the hellgate, you're forced to go fight in the middle, instead of running around everywhere. So you solo players can still solo.... -Signed!

  • Make a solo HG for you SOLO players...

  • Can we have a community vote to make 2v2 hellgates, only 2v2. You're to enter the portal by 2 players clicking the portal. Way to many solo trolls ruining the 2V2 EXPERIENCE. I don't want to go into a 2v2 hellgate to 1v2 someone, or "chase" OR get trolled from the person not allowing us to leave because we don't want to chase a nature staff for 15 minutes threw mobs.... I honestly don't care about loot to much anymore, being I'm wealthy enough, same goes for my friend. We just want the 2v2 fight…

  • I was told yesterday there is still something that calculates how much fame you get in a dungeon per hour?? Or just adds up all the fame you obtain... Can anyone elaborate please? =\

  • @Stravanov, I guess there "was" a calculator that told you how much fame you make in a dungeon. It would simply just add up all the fame you get on your hunt. So you know how much fame you get per hour/round the dungeon. Wish they would just implement this into the game =\

  • I heard there was... Can someone please link me?

  • I've seen a squad of pure blood letters... Just looks like a bunch of frogs bouncing to you and you die. It's ludicrous. They really do need to nerf it... Give it longer cooldowns, or just take away 1 of the dashes... I'm with you on this. NERF BLOODLETTER! -Signed

  • Okay, instead of color, what if the wep was all in blue fire, red fire, ect... Eh... there has to be something in the game to show off our work

  • What if when someone gets 100/100 in a wep, or armor, we have the choice of making that item a certain color? Something to show off... =] And maybe when someone gets 400/400 out of a certain class an EMOTE or something really cool.... Just a thought. Also... Would be a really nice addition in this game if we could just -walk- over gold and pick it up, instead of having to mass click the ground. Also! Please, give us an option to completely hide chat bar. It really get's in the way sometimes. Tha…


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    I will like to be reimbursed for all my gear. I put allot of time into this game and my GEAR only to lose it all because you guys can't have stable servers for such a small community of players? What a joke.

  • Yeah I was premium when I placed it down.... just lost my premium at some point during the day. So I renewed it at night. Kinda sucks how that all worked out.... Thanks thou.

  • I let my premium expire sometime yesterday, and I renewed it late last night. I got on today to feed my pups and says 129 hours for growth time on cub and "With Premium:100% faster growth time." please... fix this.

  • Very strait forward ideas, can we get loot bags with different colors for the rarity of certain items. Purple for super rares or something. I'm not putting much effort into this thread, just figured it would be a cool addon in Albion seeing different color loot bags for rarity. It would help allot if when in a party there where X amount of different colors in the party, so if we're ganking on a map "I'm the green dot" ect.

  • Character Name:ItzDaddy Age:26 Are you willing to use Discord voice chat:YES Albion Account Type: (Legendary) Play Times: (Monday-Thurs, little on weekend) Albion Experience: (Played last beta, always on this game when I have free time. Guilds: Just kept to a small group of close friends they will be submitting an application. Names: Meeks, Demonshabal, Ninurta, all very active and friendly.) Playstyle: (PvPer-Main skill Pike,and double bladed staff(for ganking) Gatherer:Main Hide Crafter: Leath…

  • Getting blackscreen in blackzones while hopping threw zones is not cool. I've died 2x now because of it -___-

  • Alliance numbers

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    Yes please.... Also have a limit on how many territories a guild has control of..?

  • You seem to know allot about bots, maybe they should look into your account to make sure you haven't been cheating. Why would you play a game to just cheat? Where is the fun in that... -.^

  • Hello dear Albion players! This is my first beta play threw, I enjoy every second of it. 1.My fears for the game is that it does not take to long to climb threw Tiers! In which can take away the thrill of looting other players in red/black zones. This also pertains to the loot of monsters(certain monsters drop gear). A solution to this is to take away the learning points. I feel it was a great idea for BETA! But for official launch of the game, this needs to go. If not, just give 5 points a day,…