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  • Flash heal change

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    they should have buff nature instead of nerfing holy imo, yeah it's strong but vs competent team healing is far from easy.

  • just noticed the last nda and tbh i'm a bit sad to see the cultist robe remove from the game. Nobody will use a so bad T3 artefact. I used it, killed people with it and it maked me happy. I fought against it, counter it in many ways and kill cultist robe user and it maked me happy. This joy is deleted from the game ! killing items never is a good solution it will just give us less options. Welcome cultist robe in the museum of useless item of albion.

  • no change about that so 1v1 will be the same kind of run to swich gear game as 2v2, maybe worst cause it's actualy easier to counter only one dude. Anyway it's only if you can find someone before he ran to demonic shards in skip gear

  • rofl demonic shards really ?

  • was really funny thx 2 post on this thread are hilarious!

  • Hot are a pain to use and refresh for laughable result, Mushroms are a joke, and obv THORN spell and his mechanic is fucking trash, i miss my dot so bad ... revitalize is weak and is nerfed again (wtf lol) i tried holy, way more rewarding to use (and easy), i feel i can do a better job healing as a holy with trash gear and no spec than i could with nature. Balance is off for pretty long time alrdy but nature keep getting nerf... go figure lol I don't wish holy to be nerf but i hope a strong natu…

  • tyred about people claiming how strong nature is in solo pvp, it's ok at best. Btw, lol@cantpvewithamagerobe. Pbly the main reason Why nature keep geting nerf, ppl whining about the 1v1 op nature staff lol fucking noob bs.

  • just fix the bug and give it imunity to movement impairing effect, just like the 1h mace e for expl

  • most of time it's not hard at all to enter a hg, you can have the timer when they spawn and they don't skip anymore so i would even say it's really easy. hell. From BW at least it's not that bad, i enter from portal zone 90% of my gate. sometime it's contested by other team but it's still fair fight, sometime you can kill a bunch of noob gankers even when outnumbered and yeah obv sometime you will die . when gankers are to many or hg is to much contested we walk one or two zone away and we're fi…

  • nature spamming heal ? you mean the hot wich is in the samel spell line than the thorn , i wich i know how to spam heal with my nature staffs . nature is weak 1v1 if you are prepare for 1v1 (mobility, purge ...) i'll be happy to fight them in the future solo dongeon

  • hellgate rats is not a thing anymore (yeah you may meet a few sometime nothing compare to spear era before chest change), i know it cause i'm actualy running hgs :p And nature rats is not a thing since percival lol . I

  • lol@naturedominateevry1v1 nature is far from being the best choice for solo pvp. NATURE DOMINATION !

  • nature need more nerf

  • why balancing item is almost always through nerf ? upgrading the less used/powerfull items instead of nerfing every things would be less frustrating for players imo. about the last nda my opinion is i dislike all of it but mostly: Nature Staffs - Self Healing Sickness - Healing Reduction: 25% -> 40% - Revitalize (all Nature Staffs) - Added a 0.5s delay before the first tick - Damage now decreases the channel time stronger (Disruptionfactor: 5 -> 10) LOL is it a meme ? NERF NATURE MORE FFS Armors…

  • one hunter hood is easy to counter but too much ppl are running it (tbh that's a good sign of something being to strong), so in open world you can't counter them all. With fire if you don't have purge available, any random with T4flat can dance on your fire and kill you (one dude reflect my q for 1K2 in 2s in T4flat, i used my purge before for the hunter hood of his mate). And idk but i think lately the reflect domage have increased i may be wrong, maybe i just notice now because everyone is wea…

  • cause you're suppose to explore bz at one point, new players (and sadly some "veterant" also lol) can't stop complain about how their solo dongeon and ressouce node are always empty but they keep staying in safe zone for ages with way enough fame and money to play in bz were node and srd are full. This kind of player with 10M+ fame and millions in bank who keep farming in safe zone are the one denying content for real noobs imo. The difference in reward between the royal zones and the black zone…

  • Hellgate 2 Top build list

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    warbow² need ray of light to kill healer comp (ip/skill equivalent) and it's not that easy (but i'm no pro :p)

  • Game stuck at 1%

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    +1, it happen to me frequently since a few days, i usualy succeed to log in after a random number of pc reboot .

  • it also happen to me 1/3 srd (i haven't done many but it never happened before), i clear fast (under 10min), i'm not sure how it works now but timer should occur after a certain % of mobs killed.