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  • Killed in yellow zone

    ValheruWolf - - Rants


    Yeah, that would have lost you all of your items in a blue zone.

  • Eh, could just add a list of the territories owned to the list. Would have to type the name in the world map to find them specifically after that, but can't see why not.

  • you could build down there before? thought that area had always been blocked off from building.

  • bug on farming cows

    ValheruWolf - - Bugs


    the fact the progress is at 0 of 22 hours says there is no progress made, so while the message is annoying (as it's warning you that you will lose something what doesn't exists) it's not really a bug. the 22 hours on the right is just the total target.

  • Quote from Neef: “Also want to add that for some reason sometimes the mail changes order to oldest message first and you must click next page to get to the last page to see the newest mails, Also once you view the newest mail it disappears. Correction mail goes back to the oldest mail and for some reason it ends up saying its 59 days old and 24 hours once you open it, After it loses never read it changes. I took a pic, Once i opened the mail its time changed on the main screen to 59 days and 24 …

  • Would like a way to upgrade the event chest from their Tier 1 to being useful, Figure getting the base event chest and then a secondary chest and trading both in at the same time to get the upgraded version.

  • Hideout Permissions

    ValheruWolf - - Feedback & Suggestions


    honestly I kind of stated the easy way will be setting that "Other Players" flag to be the last one accounted for regardless of what category it is in, So if you get flagged for access or no access that would take priority over the "other players" flag. Just not sure how easy that would be to code. Probably need to split the access loop into 2 separate loops, pulling other players would of the first flag, and having it end with the question of Is access determined? if no, check "other players" f…

  • Quote from Asgaeroth: “I'd really like to see T8 resources spawn rates staggered in some way. 99% of the day it's just endless oceans of empty nodes, people strip mine them at server up, and then can go grab them again by the spawn timer, and then that's it for the day for T8 gathering. I like to roam the T8 zones on off hours gathering T6 and T7, don't think I've gotten a T8 node since queen came out because I don't play a lot during the 2 30 minute periods they are available at the moment. ” T…

  • Hideout Permissions

    ValheruWolf - - Feedback & Suggestions


    The issue is they have to recode their entire permission system. It's not that simple as I'm pretty sure it's the same system across EVERYTHING with permissions. So not only does it need recoded, they then have to make sure when they transition everything that it doesn't break the permissions of the stuff that currently works. That factor of needing to do both, while very possible. means it needs to be done carefully and tested which takes time.

  • Quote from blappo: “this has been on my mind. i dont think the trash rate is high enough, but i dont really want to remove it either... I would honestly like a system that benefits crafters more, the problem with market prices is always that crafters sell gear, then that same piece is resold 12 more times before it finally trashes.. ruining the markets prices the main problem being that purchasing mats, crafting them, then selling them is simply not worth bothering. you need great return rates a…

  • Hideout Permissions

    ValheruWolf - - Feedback & Suggestions


    That sounds great, but might break the other direction. Really they just need to customize other players to be the FINAL valid flag checked for access. So if a person triggers by name or guild or alliance on a no access that gets applied to them and it does not check the "other players" flag for valid access or not.

  • Agreed this needs fixed, not technically a bug, but it makes it impossible to customize and optimize chat windows without being in a party or something which is utterly insane.

  • Quote from Retroman: “Quote from Flohhopf: “Quote from Retroman: “ALL Season Points generated are now partially also shared with all alliance members. (this also includes Guild Challenge, etc.) ” @Retroman maybe you think again in especially the guild challenge, because imo there is a too high risk to abuse this mechanic.Atm with the guild challenge there is a way to get seasonpoints without interacting with other guilds, with the problem that it would be harder every time you reached a new leve…

  • The real issue with higher % going to the alliance, means alliances with a bunch of smaller guild will stop existing as the penalty is too large unless those guilds combine into larger guilds. Heck even at this level I can see some alliances not getting smaller player count, but the sub guilds combining to make larger guilds with a lower "guild" count in the alliance. Probably something that will be tweaked a bit later.

  • Quote from Mytherceria: “Quote from ValheruWolf: “Heh, Applied here myself already, would like to ask, anychance of updating that survey to add the 2018 Ipad?, latest one not including the pro versions is the 2017. and there was a huge spec and price difference there. ” Hi there, we've already added the iPad Pro 2018 to the survey list ” except.... the one released march 2018 isn't a pro ipad. The one released in Oct 2018 is a pro though, so there were 2 ipad models that year.

  • Quote from Mytherceria: “Quote from RenegadeAndy: “Hi Sharky. Okay thank you for the details. I also assume there is no release date yet? ” Hi @RenegadeAndy, we are still accepting applications for the iOS beta test program, but spaces are very limited, so unfortunately we cannot invite everyone to the test. As for the possible release date, like what @SHARKY said, it should be sometime next year: Quote from Merkur: “Store Integration & Updates Finally, we plan a release on both Play Store and A…

  • Quote from Adrivan: “Quote from Piddle: “You can even buy yourself enough houses that you have an actual 40 hour work week. Start making that big silver. Find a wife and settle down, maybe buy a summer house in Lymhurst. Away from all the grimy soldier and thief role players in Caerleon. Have a couple kids. Invest in the markets and plan your retirement. Then the day you are set to retire and start playing the game for fun finally, your wife's boyfriend ganks you. ” There's a limit on how many f…

  • Quote from ImaDoki: “(Hidden Content) You missunderstood the info.All guilds willing to take a determined territory have to trigger the fight. However, its possible for multiple guilds to trigger for the same time, meaning all of them will clash at the same time. Different guilds/alliances wont be able to benefit from another ones triggers. ” You are right. I did fully misunderstand that. Now have a weird question. If an alliance has a group of multiple guilds running around to challenge territo…

  • Quote from Goldorack: “- 5v5 GvG is useless to get territories. Now you have to go ZvZ and attack the tower to get the territory. They have to win some token to do CGvG now. The token will upgrade towers in outlands to gives gathering buff only ? Higher token is for experimented players but what if the player get only low token to fight noobs ? - ZvZ restrictions in numbers, the game can't run large number ZvZ : So if some guild want to get a fight or terrritory they have to be the fastest to ar…

  • Quote from blappo: “If i were to change anything its how the dungeon Despawns How about if the chests are empty for 5 minutes the dungeon goes bye bye, ” This is actually something I agree with. After chest is empty dungeon should despawn and respawn elsewhere. Mobs are just fame.