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  • Quote from Olafxder: “What kind of solo dungeons are u doing? ” this my friend, is the real question...

  • So its base dmg * dmg increase (attacker) * dmg increase (target) * dmg reduction (attacker)? And if it's incoming dmg, does it still work if the target is immune but with retaliate on? I mean, the actual dmg would be 0 but the target output should still work, right?

  • What is the calculation formula? Does relatiate even work if the target u are hitting is immune but with retaliate on? How come the output is 100% more than the dmg actually done? It really makes no's a do 5 take 10 dmg, well done!

  • The only thing I really think about it is: why is it still not implemented?

  • Ok, my other post just got deleted, but can we talk about this, plz? I just saw Sohrab healer experience the same problem, no lag before but totally unplayable inside the crystal. Are we the only 2 players getting affected by this?

  • Avalonian Robe

    Nedmort - - Overpowered/Underpowered Items


    I do think Robe of Purity lacks something, maybe a fully invincibility for 1min? Or a death ray beam that one hit every player that is looking towards you? And about the CD, we should definitely make it faster, come on...30s CD for a 7s duration of immune to forced movement + damage + knocked back, come on! If I get purged I gotta wait another 29s, is this for real?

  • Well I just did 1 hour of SRD and I gotta say the loot was really good. So maybe it was just unlucky? Idk...

  • Quote from Idebenn: “I have run a bunch of T6-7 dungeons since the patch and have gotten mostly garbage. Chests only contain some low tier runes and only a final purple chest may have one gear piece. Monsters seem to drop artifacts now, but overall I'm getting basically nothing compared to before. Maybe it's my bad luck but this has been a constant for multiple runs already. ” Completely agree. The overall experience seems worst, at least at SRD T7.

  • This is the second day that I try doing some crystal but it's totally unplayable. I can't use spells and see other characters movement, but everything else, besides Albion, works just I said, the ping is floating (not constant, which would suggest a client side problem) and around 150 (which is really good for Brazil), with ms bellow 10. Can I get some help? Are we suffering from server performance once again?

  • Imo the loot fix seems to be worst than before. I know that t4 and t5 equip drops seems to be bad, but, at least for me, it's way better than t4 and t5 least I could study that...

  • 1) How do you like the current state of gathering? - I think the way fishing works right now is not compatible with the new black layout 2) Since Queen, what is the main difference in your gathering experience? - Way worst 3) From where do you start your gathering? (From an Outpost, a royal city, an outland city...?) - From Hideout or Martlock 4) Where do you gather? (What tier and what biome, deep in the outland center or on the royals) - Always looking for t8 map (since we can only fish t8 on …

  • Matchmaking could mean no more skips. Skips is what makes x2 horrible, imo, skips and wardrobe...I don't even mind the rats anymore...

  • Oh plz God, just plz!

  • They won't make it impossible to gank, but the way it is, right now, it's way harder, cuz u don't have a one way entry point (portal spot), which can be scouted...just move around the map, or even get inside a damn dungeon near the entry point, just as simple as's a full loot PvP game. I know, being ganked by 20x is not fun, but it's part of the game...being scouted, with no other option was dumb, and they fixed it...

  • Nature Staves - Reanimate (all Nature Staffs) - Disruption Factor: 0 -> 5 What does it mean? Can someone explain?

  • Blind Spot + Dual Sword

    Nedmort - - Bugs


    When you hit more than 1 target the skill (blind spot) hits twice....

  • Quote from Firu: “I've been wondering how much money ppl make from T8 gathering per hr kind of jus curious on which is the most profitable. For example i usually make about 3m-6m per hr as a T8 fisherman though i'm not sure if thats considered as alot of silver, bc imo i feel like other gatherers are making more. So how much money do the other T8 gatherers make? ” Where do you usually fish? I really wanna fish RN...

  • Quote from Fusionbomb: “I say allow 3-5 to enter 5v5 gates. ” Can you please stop this bullshit. There is no reason to do that. Just make another HG. That's what already fucked up the 2x2.

  • Parry bug

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    I just got stuck after using parry...the video shows that I'm displaced, but can still get auto attacks.

  • Quote from Crablord: “Stopping rats is easy. If you cant afford to pocket piece a knight helm or run a fiend robe then dont be suprised if you lose gear to rats. If everyone brought a flat 4 knight helm in their bag to 2v2 rats would disappear. ” That's not even the point, there is no fun in killing rats...if I want a 2x1 I can just dive SRD. Again, if cuz sandbox, why can't we have another sandbox HG with real and honest 2x2? Or even a 3x3? I don't mind losing the 2x2 to sandbox rats if we gain…