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  • Quote from agonyclutch: “Make it so you can't switch your gear while your in there as well that will make it true skill based in what your bringing and not just a counter there build options ” This, for god's sake.

  • Quote from Madhe: “The LP is helpful, it is a issue. I think it is completely unfair that I am out of 10 LP that I could gain daily while playing. . . everyone else gets the same reason-able amount. The only reasoning you're giving is that I am compensated for, but I would say it is not a fair share credit if I could just play and gain my LP amount in a routine. Or, another the argument that I am just wrong when it is a suggestion, that SBI could sell LP for buying. . . ” Quote from ImaDoki: “Le…

  • Let me rephrase it. You gain extra 10 LP for paying, and the game also gave you the benefit of gaining the 10 LP everyone gets without doing anything.

  • You already win double a non premium win by doing nothing, while they have to do a Daily to win. Also, leveling combat stuff is quite fast without depending on LP.

  • Bumping this thread, as i still think crafting is in a sad state right now. Nothing unique comes out of it...

  • Basically... Gear = worth to get back Raw Resources / Journals = Not worth to get back.

  • Bridgewatch is the worst due to how limited is its cape.

  • Flexible class?

    ImaDoki - - Beginner's Questions


    Flexible = Bow tree. Normal bow: 5x5 Warbow: 1x1 Longbow/Wailling: ZvZ Longbow/Badon: PvE

  • Quote from Retroman: “Quote from Kyrw: “Can you please state what will happens to armor?Avalonian will start at 0? What about Royal? Are they going to be 0.1 Ip pe level also? @Retroman ” The armors are getting the same treatment, but the amount of nodes is different: - The fame of an exisisting Armor artifact specialization node is taken out and split evenly among the 5 specific artifact armor nodes. - Every base armor grants 0.2 IP to all of it's category per level - Every artifact armor grant…

  • About Specializations​

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    The wiki has a mistake... The calculation for Dual Swords, as an example: You get: Sword Fighter: +20 ip Sword Specialist: +20 ip Claymore Specialist: +20 ip Dual Sword Specialist: +220 IP Artifact Sword Specialist: +20 ip Totalizing +300 IP on max spec.

  • Quote from Poltergeistv2: “I get what you mean.. it's just that I lost 500k or more worth of stuff for being stupid and not storing the stuff in a chest, because I wanted to finish mining before going back to town. I understand the "Use this to get more powerful" but it's a bit of a shock to find out you can lose everything because someone appears from a corner and kills you without even giving time to react. ” You learned the hard way... but it isn't that bad. 500k is done easily (most people d…

  • Heck, they are so pretty! Hope they don't become overpriced, like the ava armors, and are more useful! GG EDIT: I'm curious about the Avalonian Dagger... Thought all of them would be talked about in this vid

  • Tchau, pessoa que eu nunca vi por aqui! até breve

  • You must take damage to do damage.

  • Gathering protection

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    Quote from Tabor: “The most fascinating take away from this is that there are T8 gatherers leaving millions of silver on the table by wasting time gathering shit T3/T4 resources instead of high end. Even if you need those resources for your high end refining it is still way more efficient to just continue gathering high and buying the low. ” High end gatherers also enjoy to chill sometimes.

  • Even the basic cleric robe counters it. Invincible for the whole duration, basically.

  • Actually, guys, i'm seeing a lot of say "purge"... One handed dagger is a tooglable weapon, which means it cannot be purged. Everything else is fine.

  • Quote from Niefart: “When I meet solo 1h dagger, I usually don't even change my helmet to hunter hood, I just use invisibility with assasin jacked. I don't remember ever losing vs 1h dagger. I think that the problem for most beginners / or pure PvE players is the desire to have a perfect build for a fast farm and at the same time be good at small pvp. It's doesn't work that way. You have to choose, either you risk a poor PvP with a very good PvE or do a build that is able to defend itself but sl…

  • Axes are good in sustained damage comps. (+ fire and + great curse) Deathgivers barely joined the meta, and only did it due to a small buff in Chain Slash, how can it be the strongest meele? It's an extremely mana starving weapon that depends on the active on plate armors (+ the survivability it provides) to even be viable, while swords have way better dps, mobility and utility. It is just on par with the top weapons now.

  • So is (5x5 content) Light Crossbow Claymore Carving Bow Great Curse Halberd And others... Should all those be nerfed?