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  • It actually worked and was possible to download and install.

  • Got Xiaomi device, it gets stuck when it gets to 100% of installation and it wont launch.…f6ebc85090dfa04b4c6800a0b

  • So are Royal Cities going to have a mini season between them? Like Capturing stuff killing people etc for points and at the end of it the winning City players gets rewarded? This update souuuunds very good. When is it coming out? (Aprox) Hehe.

  • Move Guilds capacity to 500 or alliance to 1000 Doesnt make sense to name it "Alliance" when it just the capacity of one guild (300 members) who can fill it easily.

  • 1.- Create different alliance options. A.- Solo --> 1 Guild Max --> The guild that goes solo produces 100% of the points, siphoned energy etc... B.- Alliance --> 2-3 Guild Max --> Guilds in the Alliance produce 80% of the points, siphoned energy etc... C.- Coalition --> 4-5 Guild Max --> Guilds in the Coalition produce 60% of the points, siphoned energy etc... D.- Federation --> 6+ Guild --> Guilds in the Federation produce 40% of the points, siphoned energy etc... With this system, you could go…

  • Many months ago when I started the game and joined them I learnt a lot with them. They had nice shotcalling, nice ambience, and great core - base players to do ZVZ when I was there. After one season with them I changed to other guilds to try out new stuff and I did realize that you do not know what you have until you lose it. Now by the scores they got on the past season and doing better each new season, their strong zerg and strong leadership makes them a real candidate to have a wonderful futu…

  • Can we get a mount that can carry and deploy people? Or a tandem mount ?

  • Mirage Imperium

    CapitanYak - - Guild Recruitment


    We are a new guild from Mirage community on discord. We are a friendly community looking forward to advance on all aspects of the game. (Merges are possible too) * What do we offer → - Activities most of the day - Daily black zone dungeons - Organized farming runs in black zones - ZvZ (Soon with the alliance) - Respect and transparency Royal City→ Thetford (Pink Portal) Tax → 25% for Island Guild Infrastructure * Objectives → - Gain our first own territory and fully upgrade the guild island - Fu…

  • Guilds

    CapitanYak - - Beginner's Questions


    is there a max guild per alliance?