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  • [6. July 2020] Queen Patch 15

    Hollywoodi - - Patch Notes


    Can it be, that u forgot to fix the reflect of the entrance mob? It is still possible to solo the 5 man gate by entering with 1h dagger + reflect under cleric robe invulnerability.. Intended? If 3 daggers enter timed at 3 different guard mobs, it is really a lot of money and fame..

  • I didn't see supporting mobs. On top if u watch videos if it stays like that u can probably 1shot shard as it just has in video like 400 life? And ignore any supporting mobs..

  • Pay2win? Buy gold, trans to silver, buy tomes, eat tomes done Buy gold trans silver buy gear..done

  • I loved the game at that times Now I am just here because I am a shadow from the past The old game..was my game Do u remember multi entrance dungeons? Maps was unique and not felt copy pasted..what the heck happened..

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Dont be biased, only ray of light was nerfed (and god damn it was way too strong) and some minor nerfs. It´s not " nerfed to the ground " bruh. These changes are made because the way it was, it was way too OP and everyone would be running it in 1 v 1 corrupted dungeons. deathgivers are strong, along with broken chain slash that´s gonna be nerfed sooner or later i suppose ” I doubt that Chainslash gets touched Politics usually work different here Lots of players predicted wh…

  • curse 1 h.. use cleric robe, and one E is in the void use dodgeroll boots and second E is in the void alternative blink on E boom... <now 30 seconds have passed> if u unlucky you enemy is a sword and uses parry, then u never E it .. if there is on top guardian helmet 1h curse is a bit like great nature, works vs noobs crap vs experienced players

  • Quote from agonyclutch: “Quote from iRawr: “Quote from agonyclutch: “Mmm will be hard to be a pure rat style since players could just banish the rats that can't kill the player ” I think rats in corrupted dungeon is on other side, they will banish pvp contesters. And just farm free chests ” yeah I could see that too. . ” that's why I enforce this discussion..

  • Quote from Tabor: “SBI, Please consider all this feedback about the corrupted dungeons people have been starving for some 1v1 PvP options frankly for many years now. Be careful in implementation so that the rat crowd does not destroy this content. *If you insist on having shards for banishment make sure they take awhile to kill to prevent the speed builds that just run to these with 0 intention of ever fighting. More specifically it should not be easy to banish people. *Consider disabling gear s…

  • Quote from Niefart: “A lot depends on how many HP the shards will have, and whether they will be protected by some relatively strong mobs. I do not plan to play ratting, I hope that will finally play with my claymore build ” well on video it was 400 life and it took one skill and 3 autos I think charged pike will 1hit? Maybe even spear on 3stack E

  • All of you are right but I think it is not good for the game There is a big crowd of casual non skill people that pays for the game The changes of the past, remove gvg etc. Was all helping no skill people to feel important. On top ganking in huge groups in good gear was helping the whales on no skill to get some of their fun by simply stun lock, chain cc targets and feel good on domination. Remove that doesn't bring more people to the game but will remove some.. I strongly suggest to keep gankin…

  • Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from CDEEKS: “Quote from Borbarad: “i like that though. If you kill them by doing something they dont expect = gucci loot. Dont play like everyone else - by agressive, destroy them, win ! ” This is my point you rarely can kill them bec they prpare for whatever you bring. and there like high fame players normally so 2 new guys trying to get into HG have no chance. It's selfish on them and i feel bad for them becasue there being locked out of what would otherwise be a g…

  • Quote from Zulmer: “sbi loves rat ppl. confirmed. ” actually I doubt they like me, but in that case I believe u right

  • I agree I doubt anything of learning will transfer from 2,hg, sadly

  • 1h dagger + burning chest could also be an option..if these do decent damage reflect might be an option, too Undead cape + fast run ist must anyway..if u have swap invis pot after change that helps too

  • As I understand you just need to kill these small things to push the other player out So that looks like a perfect opportunity to revive ratting at its best. What build you think will be best to prepare to fully get all rewards without any need to pvp? 1) bloodletter, mistcaller, assa jacket, assa helm, run boots, invis cape? 2) carving, assa jacket, guardian helm, run boots invis cape? 3) one handed mace, mistcaller, knight armor, assa helm, invis cape?

  • Quote from iRawr: “Quote from MekaDeth: “So in specific circumstances, 2 people can kill 1 healer? Do you not realize how ridiculous that is? A healer should never be able to beat 1 DPS. They are support class. People still play healer in LoL and Dota despite being much weaker than god mode Albion healers, so no your theory is wrong. ” Quote from MekaDeth: “Quote from Helthros: “Most healers can be killed in a demon helmet silence... You should NOT be able to solo a healer unless you have specif…

  • Fantastic, You have finally learned from hg and running away is no more key.. Or did I get that wrong??

  • Anyone affected by smart cluster queue or dissaray buff looses all of their gear upon entering safe zone.. So cluster queue overload has a huge penalty..for everyone system has trouble identify the offender obviously This time if all gear gets destroyed or directly sold to black market if u got infected with smc or dissaray..huge outnumbering will be a high price

  • What people underestimate is the power of cc a crossbow has If u use AOE Q, traps W and refresh cd passive u can have permanent placed 3 traps while doing significant AOE Q damage People have not yet fully exploited that potential

  • Try 1h sword, w on heroic, q on AOE Q, guardian helm, mage robe, demon boots, invis cape