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  • Any estimated data for update to hit test servers?

  • Test Server doesnt send any verification codes, you need to wait until they update the database or something like that so you can log in. When the next update hit they will update with the data from live servers and you should be able to get in

  • Yep, that why I jsut don't hellgate anymore. When you bring this up people just gonna say some shit like: "Get good and bring some counter" Like, pvp in Albion is just dog shit, I don't think it requires skills anymore, jsut bring the proper swaps and run until you can change. At this point I just want HG to be removed, theres so much problem with this content right now, people sincronizing HGs. those 1shot no counter builds, people don't let you leave the HG once you get the chest and just run …

  • Those new icons are great! Congrats to the team, really looking foward for more. About the banks in the outlands, its only allowed to get 1 tab? Seems pretty small and almost pointless to just have 1 tab and it cost more than a regular tab in any other bank too. And the new kill details UI, just perfect! congrats!

  • [25. March 2020] Queen Patch 8

    ySLiink - - Patch Notes


    Those HG changes are good, but don't solve the problem at all, to be honest seems worse. Just played 3 HG and got stuck for 20+ minutes because the enemy had too much disengage and don't let us leave. Me and my duo are at the point of just given up if we see knight armor+heavy cc build. Lets w8 for solo HG now.

  • Just place some dudes around the dungeon and catch them when they are heading back to the hideout

  • As a player who mainly play hellgates I'm really looking forward of those hg changes, even to I think they don't fix most of the problems. Quote from Lofthild: “Map puts WoW arena pillar hugging to shame: inspect enemy -> run to the furthest corner available to drop combat -> use one of your 100000 swaps -> play "Catch me if you can" while both parties run around ” I really think we still gonna spent some time playing "catch me if you can", and those changes does nothing about bringing 10000 swa…