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  • Nope no tools just need to grind away. Once you hit T6 you can farm "Aspects" which are rare mob spawns that have high resource density on them for harvesting once killed. Many people power level with these.

  • A very small handful of small guilds have been able to place and maintain HOs with politics/connections but objectively yes the HO roll out failed hard. It is extremely difficult for small guilds to live anywhere including crap T5 zones while making large guild/alliance life extremely convenient. They were supposed to have the opposite impact.

  • I already spoke my piece on this in a separate long thread but just get irritated when I see people say curse bomb lacks counters without guardian in game. Curse has easily triggered counters in ALL armor slots available. Many players have just got fat and happy with the broken guardian so the below items are basically forgotten. Helmet: Mercenary hood and soldier helm completely remove/block all bomb damage. Armor: Cleric robe blocks all bomb damage and allows you to pound on the curse with amp…

  • I disagree Holy I look at it as gankers will adept. Depending on the duration of the invulnerability after dismount (I assume it will be like 3 to 4 seconds) it will still be relatively easy to kill people just by using your purge well. On the flip side this destroys gate camping which was preventing many players from attempting to even bother playing in the BZ. Now these players will come out and play finally which will more than offset the handful that may move on.

  • SBI, Please consider all this feedback about the corrupted dungeons people have been starving for some 1v1 PvP options frankly for many years now. Be careful in implementation so that the rat crowd does not destroy this content. *If you insist on having shards for banishment make sure they take awhile to kill to prevent the speed builds that just run to these with 0 intention of ever fighting. More specifically it should not be easy to banish people. *Consider disabling gear swapping inside thes…

  • As long as they make the shards take at least 20 seconds to destroy it will not be terrible. It cannot be quick though because once again shitty rat run builds will just race to all shards to prevent PvP.

  • It will be 1h spear and floaty boots. Running around frantically like a chicken with 0 intention of fighting.

  • This is actually better for new players not worse. Now they can level the specific piece they want 3x faster than before. Also if armor is split out I assume same rule would apply where current fame is split evenly between the non Ava with Ava starting at 0.

  • I am very much looking forward to this content but I am afraid you have skewed it to much to mobility friendly like pretty much everything else in game at the moment. We are going to see a bunch of rat builds pop into this content as well. Time will tell though need to give it a fair chance first. Either way rats or not it will be welcome to have some consistent solo player content! With that said hopefully you have lots of these entrances available in the OW as it will be highly in demand conte…

  • I do wish they would have pursued the higher trash rate exponentially increasing based on fight ratio but I have no idea how complex coding would be. This way winning outnumbered and even fights would be more rewarded loot wise and severely unbalanced win fights would get next to nothing. I cannot think of many other ways to punish zerg ganking without also hurting small scale/solo ganking and large scale ZvZs.

  • It is extremely apparent that ganking has been far to prevalent for to long. The majority of deaths should be from fighting in or over content of some sort and not simply just trying to travel from point A to point B. These are another set of decent changes to help that balance. As an avid PvPer myself mostly solo it is annoying to see how much these large gank groups prevent so much content by sitting at forced travel exits. Hopefully more and more changes come in phasing exit camping behavior …

  • I think an easier more impactful solution may be to just add a small immune safe area to all exits similar to that of the connected portal zones. These are the areas where a majority of the camp chain CC ganking is happening today. Being players are forced to use narrow exits to travel anywhere these are the specific areas to target a fix.

  • Something needs to happen. Especially soon people will be eating tomes by the thousands to max the new Ava weapons.

  • This is also a problem at many exits in the BZ. Gankers simply camp these areas since players are forced to use exits to travel because of tile design. I think they should add the bubble area to all exits to avoid this crap style of game play. There is no strategy or skill involved since players have no choice but to use the narrow exits to travel. I also agree with the ops specific points.

  • Noise Polution

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    Sound is one thing also please just add a damn consume all button as well. This one at a time thing is harsh for fingers!

  • Arena Rewards

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    You can play arena all day long if you for some reason felt like doing so. You will also have very minimal knowledge in the game doing so. Arena PvP is nothing like any of the real PvP in the game.

  • Haha mage robe almost purely exists to deter bow from being excessively broken. If they fix bow E in some way they could completely revamp mage robe. Would be more interesting.

  • Dev Talk: Avalonian Weapons

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    Devs do not always have time to directly reply especially to people who do not read what they already have posted answering the question in the same damn thread said person asked.

  • Dev Talk: Avalonian Weapons

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    @McCoiso the article says destiny board split for crafting as well..

  • Dungeon Scouting

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    You pro scout people are hilarious. You say you need scouts because divers bring 10 people and then suggest divers bring more people so they can somehow lock down all paths of travel after the A out. This becomes ganking not diving. Most divers actually want a small group fight (excluding Arch of course). Divers dive dungeons because that is the most accessible content in game for small scale fights. 5 man HGs are great but not always available for non zerg alliance groups. "Safe" fame already e…