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  • don't make unclear annoucement which ur dev team not ever know the path! Wipe date is unclear, beta was extended so long, after 2 days from new year, my guildmates all gone, now i got no purpose online, no pvp run, no gvg, no hell gate, no dugeon, try join other large guild, people only looking for healer, crafter, but not pvper, or they only look for 7.3 gears, t8 gears player, did u guys dev try to farming thing for ur own game until t7 above? how many gears lose n effort put in? what the poin…


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    hi saraith

  • still recruiting??? i am t7 heavy plate, T5.3 heavy cloth, T6.3 great hammer, T5.2,5.3 mace tanker. I need to look for red/black zone pvp active guild. previous few guild i join dead after the beta annoucement......

  • for high tier farming, this is suppose to be like if not in group, fair enough, nope, it is not greedy, mate, it is like a goal we set, how many fame u need achieve in one day. but with the less black zone, it is not recommended for soloing in black zone now. in future, hopefully yes.

  • how many fame u farm in black zone a day? make some video to show it. it is farmable, just the matter how long u can stay in one place, there were 16 black zone, minus territories black zone map, like few black zone only u can farm in solo. And mobs u solo without dying?? i doubt it. i am playing full tank, goto this zone alone, i use t6 masterpiece with great hammer, i have no problem soloing t7 mobs, but one single morgana knight can continue stun n kill me, some elite t7 mobs which cant solo,…

  • some suggestions

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    I think i saw a dev's thread before about guild vs guild war (not territory 5v5), is it possible to create some war which most of the guild members able to participate in. such like open castle attack a time in week, or guild declare a war not involve territory but massive fight with other guild? I dont care it make me broke without a single gears in one fight, but at least as a combat focus player, i got something i can feel the excitement waiting n put effort on farming. second, mayb dev can c…

  • let face the fact here, number on players online was less n less nowaday, look at each main town, some people might still enjoy the game, no doubt, but there is lack of excitement for some content, different people diff playstyle, some enjoying farming, working with craft whatever, some just like the combat; for those who enjoy the combat, ask each of everyone, not everyone get into gvg or fight we wanna to, yes, hater may said u noob, bla bla bla, those such call elite in big guilds make so man…

  • From Malaysia with Love

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    I from malaysia as well, bro, tell u the true, casual gamer for this game doesn't end up well. if u building up a guild, it need dedicated players to manage it in every aspects. gathering, crafting, farming, n most important combat pvp. i been in this game from winter alpha, every alpha almost everything changes, armor, weapon, skill, map, zones etc.

  • Progression of content?

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    Quote from Fikule: “This is what I know so far: T1 - Basic crafting, murder foxes. solo only. T2 - Crafting, murder foxes and wolfs. solo only (or it's much slower). T3 - Craft craft craft. Murder Foxes, Wolves and Boars. Still solo only (The difference between 3 hours grinding and 6) T4 - Blue dungeons and crafting. You start having a bit of fun here. Blue gates are also a thing. Hellgates too, so much fun! T5 - Just got here, still doing hellgates but they no longer give me fame. Can someone e…

  • nice guild n people. thank for the inv

  • just now i was inv on the way to red zone, i thought is party inv, where is ur guild city? smoky bay?

  • Quote from GentleMoth: “Quote from Lensar: “Quote: “Balance - - hammers - Knockout: - Lowered the duration of the sleep by 20% - Made mounted targets immune to the effects of the sleep - Targets become immune to Knockout for 20 seconds after being knocked out. ” ” Rip hammer... was nice meeting you ” did dev test the hammer sleep? with cc.....sleep not until 3sec...if u modify hammer sleep, modify dragger as well. i use sleep for pve. now u change it for wat?!

  • ZERGS!

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    Quote from Tail: “I like the idea of 20 man guilds with no alliances that can be worked up to a 25 man guild. This would allow a guild to hold 1-5 territories. Who you guild would be sooo important. So being in a guild would really mean something. ” another thing is once u quit guild, u can rejoin another in no delay time. This idea is good for GVG but zerging around map, i dont think so.

  • ZERGS!

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    u didnt know guild can aliance? what the different? u cant stop this, accept it; or u cant beat it, join them.

  • main thing, u guys r making lot of red zone with t4 mobs, wth~~....

  • instead of arguing about casual n hardcore thingy, y not developers focus on more war such like castle war, or put more people in GVG fight, cause guild fight alway focus on few of constant people, n look for experience gvg fight player, if cant join, how to obtain experiences, or some big arena, nation fight like estern western fight etc.........i believe more people will have the effort to farming even it is hard. something excited to join as a part!

  • Quote from SamDog: “I guess tab-targeting brought out the hard core whiners. There were lots of threads like this in darkfall--supposedly the ultimate hard core full loot game. Lesson learned. I don't want to hijack this worthy and productive thread, but as long as I am on darkfall, their biggest mistake was the map was way way way too big. Keep the map small. your humble servent SamDog ” seriously too big?? u try goto black zone n hide somewhere, put ur character there n start ur timer, c how l…

  • Quote from Korn: “Quote from MistyMuppet: “Lethal mobs aren't lethal anymore? WHAT? I'm all for better experience, but making the game less and less risky isn't the way to go. ” The main reason for this change was that by exploiting the aggro system, it was super easy to grief pull and kill people in green zones. All the best, Korn ” where is the t6 mobs, i search all over the red, mostly t4.......even t5 is hard to find.

  • why all the red zone mobs become lower tier!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I dunno what the axe position, No CC, No combo, low damage can consider compare to other bow or mage dps. not to mention wearing a cloth armor.