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  • As I understand you just need to kill these small things to push the other player out So that looks like a perfect opportunity to revive ratting at its best. What build you think will be best to prepare to fully get all rewards without any need to pvp? 1) bloodletter, mistcaller, assa jacket, assa helm, run boots, invis cape? 2) carving, assa jacket, guardian helm, run boots invis cape? 3) one handed mace, mistcaller, knight armor, assa helm, invis cape?

  • Quote from iRawr: “Quote from MekaDeth: “So in specific circumstances, 2 people can kill 1 healer? Do you not realize how ridiculous that is? A healer should never be able to beat 1 DPS. They are support class. People still play healer in LoL and Dota despite being much weaker than god mode Albion healers, so no your theory is wrong. ” Quote from MekaDeth: “Quote from Helthros: “Most healers can be killed in a demon helmet silence... You should NOT be able to solo a healer unless you have specif…

  • Fantastic, You have finally learned from hg and running away is no more key.. Or did I get that wrong??

  • Anyone affected by smart cluster queue or dissaray buff looses all of their gear upon entering safe zone.. So cluster queue overload has a huge penalty..for everyone system has trouble identify the offender obviously This time if all gear gets destroyed or directly sold to black market if u got infected with smc or dissaray..huge outnumbering will be a high price

  • What people underestimate is the power of cc a crossbow has If u use AOE Q, traps W and refresh cd passive u can have permanent placed 3 traps while doing significant AOE Q damage People have not yet fully exploited that potential

  • Try 1h sword, w on heroic, q on AOE Q, guardian helm, mage robe, demon boots, invis cape

  • Hell Gate Sync

    Hollywoodi - - Bugs


    C'mon let it rest. All have been doing that since hg exist

  • Hype - more grind!!!

    Hollywoodi - - Feedback & Suggestions


    If that is true. The grind for 100 deathgiver or 100 claws after update same..

  • Hype - more grind!!!

    Hollywoodi - - Feedback & Suggestions


    All the existing Fame that players already have in their artifact specialization nodes will be evenly distributed into the specialization nodes for the individual items in that node. This means if you have the Artifact Sword Combat Specialist at level 70, the Fame of that node will then be split evenly into the three new specialization nodes for the individual items: Clarent Blade, Carving Sword, and Galatine Pair. The new node for the Avalonian Sword would start at zero. You aware what that mea…

  • Fake News! It is fixed and running way better - or the patch notes are incorrect..

  • I wonder how disconnected you are 1h dagger on torch, hunter chest, assa head piece to refresh cd is one of the strongest builds in this game If combined with CC of a quarter staff and silence it is today already game breaking in 2 hg or crystal It is the cheapest & strongest dive build for SRD.. And you discuss to buff that.. seriously..

  • Quote from McDobs: “Or add an item that gives purge immunity so that all these builds can be relevant again ” your request is fulfilled, here is a sword Use iron will and you have what u want

  • Well you actually wrote it It should not be possible to attack one single mob out of a mob group without the other mobs standing around it to agro And your guide exactly explains that my friend

  • Quote from Albanian: “Quote from Hollywoodi: “and is that the confirmation the before mentioned exploit still works?? ” Are you serious? This is not an exploit officially lol. And it's there for how long, like 2 years? ” do u think it is intended mechanic to pull mobs out of groups one by one by one to make it redicolous easy? If this is not an exploit, what else??

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “cloth is mostly a glass cannon in my opinion where you do not want to be touched. i think its balanced to an extent where it is good vs semi burst stuff where they have iceblock,everlasting spirit and purging shiled to wait out the other guys combo when perfectly timed but weak vs one shots's and super long fights leather for me is mostly about AoE damage or ambush gear. mainly focused on Solo PVE and PVP and not mass ZvZ or group content viable in most cases in my o…

  • Well, since we have a helmet that can insta kill enemy's with reflect and makes mage robe purge a must in skills that can be damage controlled like fire or cursed skull .. guardian helmet has a brother on cheap power ball, which is hunter hood..

  • No, hunter and plate is okay Cloth is just absurd broken

  • Well it is so easy to understand what happened.. People complaining they cannot do group content - pve with daggers cause they no AOE SBI look at daggers, identify AOE skill and buff it - Chainslash Issue: good pve help, but ignoring it is a pvp game Resolution: accept dagger is non AOE pve tool and revert the chain slash change On Top.. people gave feedback on testserver that Chainslash will be crazy for bloodletter & deathgiver..but somehow it wasn't heared

  • Quote from Albanian: “Quote from MaraxuS: “You mentioned a method for 'Single Pulls' in your document. Is this method/build still working? ” Yes, it does work. Last checked on saturday 06.06. ” and is that the confirmation the before mentioned exploit still works??

  • Quote from MaraxuS: “Many thanks for your work! @Quazars You mentioned a method for 'Single Pulls' in your document. Is this method/build still working? ” is this the blatant question if the merc boots invis exploit still works to completely pull all difficulty off by doing mobs one by one? Seriously?