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  • Dumb game control design

    duckboybryan - - Rants


    Quote from Owlsane: “Quote from Owlsane: “What about auto-run lmao ” Auto-run doesn't always work and I prefer to spam right-click wherever I navigate to. The main reason people right-click is to navigate around the map without interacting with loots or nodes or enemies or anything at all. Yet I can still interact with ability buttons. ”

  • Dumb game control design

    duckboybryan - - Rants


    Quote from Midgard: “Quote from duckboybryan: “I'd be fine to just lose it out of sheer recklessness and stupidity ” You did. ” I knew what I was doing and could've gotten away if right-clicking didn't activate "dismount" button when I was pointing the cursor downwards.

  • Dumb game control design

    duckboybryan - - Rants


    Seriously, what game dev thought would be a smart idea for you to be able to not just left-click, but also right click to press and activate dismount and abilities button? I just lost my battlemount because of BS control design by right-clicking the "dismount" button when trying to navigate south. I'd be fine to just lose it out of sheer recklessness and stupidity by running into a 20-men gank over this. If any normal player wanted to press "dismount" or "ability" button, they'd left-click, and …

  • title says it all. After typing "/suicide", if said player is carrying/equipped with anything in inventory, prompt with a confirmation window saying "are you sure you want to die?" with "yes" or "no" options. Even add an option to disable that prompt later if no one likes it. I've seen few cases where people type in chat and accidentally press "up" arrow key and select previously written "/suicide" command and hit "enter". It's a simple addition that could save multiple lives from stupid losses.

  • The only thing I do in my island is build farmland, pasture and kennel. And the only building that matters are houses (for laborers), Cook, mill, butcher and saddler because of ridiculous taxes in royal cities.

  • Explain why does the most downright frustratingly broken Cultist Robe's "Doom T-pose" ability deserves a 15-second shorter cooldown than Mercenary Jacket's "Bloodlust". Cultist Robe's Levitation requires little to no effort than pressing the button for instant physical damage immunity and an alarmingly rapid health & energy recovery. Bloodlust requires the additional effort to deal damage (only up to 15 hits) to recover health, can easily be purged and in the end it's nowhere as good and on top …

  • We can all agree that Queen patch 8 turned the saddled wild boar into lightweight gatherers/transporters' best friend by making the carry load carry on to you when dismounted, giving you a second chance to get away from ganks instead of becoming overweight, and by far the better mount in the top 5 faction mounts. Other faction mounts are just underwhelming and expensive to craft/purchase compared to the non-faction mounts we can purchase for much less. here's how I rank them: 1. Saddled Wild Boa…

  • I'm gonna miss dash + double invis escape ninja build. I had fun outsmarting a 10 men gank party once and getting away from them in the end. Now that trick will no longer work.

  • Please provide us with the following information: IGN: duckboybryan zoned from the neighboring yellow zone to Fort Sterling. Logged in, area "loaded", but game stuck at black screen. EDIT: somehow it worked after I got disconnected shortly after.

  • Quote from Theat: “Agreed, I knew the dash and bloodletter 'nerf' were going to be disastrous. I don't know why SBI wants to destroy the dagger-line. Stupid moves. Revert Dash back to 11m, or MORE. ” SBI must really hate solo gatherers in BZ that just wants to have fun. RIP escape builds.

  • Quote from Midgard: “Quote from duckboybryan: “The rich grows richer, while the poor becomes poorer. ” That’s an asinine statement. Nobody should be getting poorer in this game. If you are then you’re doing something fundamentally wrong, and that’s your own fault. Not the games, not anyone else’s. ” How is that really asinine? If anything, since you're an experienced Albion player, that makes your statement completely hypocritical. All the elite Albion players out there just keeps on hoarding mo…

  • right after every single active player left...

  • The rich grows richer, while the poor becomes poorer.

  • The dash nerf from 11m to 8m was really overkill imo. most of the time with that range, my dash wouldn't work at all. It just uses up the ability without any movement and poops out the damage boost. In a scenario with 300+ ping and an active movement speed buff from sprint, I would just cover up the same distance the dash would otherwise before server registers my input and moves me towards the clicked position, and not at the ability's max range. It's stupid. I would've been ok if they just ner…

  • High latency has always been a big issue for gamers overseas and kept them from properly playing the game. Especially when using distance jumping abilities (abilities like rage blink, teleport, daggers' new "Q" and Dash). The issue is that sometimes your ping is so bad, that if you're already sprinting, you're most likely going to run the same distance before the server registers your input, making you quickly move towards the clicked destination, but it wouldn't cover the max distance it was su…

  • If a player destroys a building in a BZ territory, does it notify that player who destroyed it, and from which guild specifically?

  • Disembowel description: "While channeling you root the enemy..." Forgot to mention that most battlemounts in general can also still get stunned as well. Point is, give battlemount users at least a chance to get away from potential ganks. It sucks to have to lose this much to a tiny group of root/stun individual scums who got nothing better to do but stealing other players' hard work so easily.

  • Having displacement immunity is nice and all, but doesn't stop a tiny guy from rooting down a towering giant mammoth with a tiny pair of Adept's Claws "E" ability long enough for his 8-player party members to chop its health to 0, and it's just feels ridiculous. For being worth so much silver, it's stupid how battlemounts become so laughably vulnerable to ganks when left alone, and are only useful for massive-scale zvz.

  • I'd like to join the guild as well.

  • Login issues (Solved)

    duckboybryan - - Bugs


    yay, everyone's stuck at "connecting" queue. Just tried to connect few times, and same story. I'm stuck at "connecting..." after successful login.