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  • and what do you think….. what would be the stuff worth that they all Gather Risk free? Nothing, you Genius..... idk why ppl cant connect even 2 brain cells…. edit: you already have the Option to Gather worthless mats. go, get some t2 hide. you wont get more for your t8 after opt pvp

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Design issue : battle mount should have almost zero transport capacity, as it is designed for 100 points for the answer: Battle ...yay.. ” would still be used for transports even with 0

  • looking for crafters!

    CallMeGosu - - Trade


    hey guys. to me: im a merchant and a professional hauler. im looking for crafters that can restock me with large amounts of gear in every tier and enchantment. just pm me with a fair price list of your items (the payment is around the cheapest buy order in materials with 25% city bonus return + half of the book profit. so your profit is half of your books without any risk in transporting and selling through pvp zones) and your chances are good that i will buy everything. make sure that your stuf…

  • könnte man besprechen, wo liegt denn der fokus der gilde? 29k killfame auf 270 member ist schon arg düster..... plant ihr im pvp aktiver zu werden? spielt ihr wirtschaftliche aspekte des spiels?

  • als können noch entschied wer in den outlands nen platz hat wer bleibt, wen man abschafft - bei streit, wer die macht hat da hieß es anglia und mercia, heut leider nur bagdad der kriesenherd - wo'n riesen zerg aus vollkartoffeln dich platt macht over and out XD

  • nun, die naps werden aber im zvz nicht so viel helfen weil sie durch friendly fire das verhältnis von kosten/nutzen stark verschieben. natürlich finden viele diesen gedanken schlecht, da er den einzelnen spieler mehr in die verantwortung seines erfolges stellt und pures massen nicht mehr das erfolgsrezept wäre. ich denke eine zvz starke gilde wie zb ba oder zorn würde das nicht sonderlich schwächen aber eine allianz wie zb arch hätte stärkere probleme mit so einer änderung. der sache mit den t8 …

  • WakeNGate füllt sich wieder mehr und mehr mit alten gesichtern! ein großes danke an jeden der der den weg in die gang zurückgefunden hat und wir laden natürlich herzlich auch neue leute ein uns beizutreten schwimm nicht mit der masse, schwimm lieber im geld

  • wir sind auch nicht gerade hardcore spieler was das zeitliche angeht. komm doch einfach mal auf unseren discord, der link steht oben. da unterhalten wir uns mal und schauen ob das was für dich wäre. grüße!

  • Quote from Lofthild: “Quote from Korn: “Quote from Headquake: “they can put 100 % silver debuff all serious player will not give a fuck anyway . We make money from crafting , ganking , loot in dungeon etc.. 20 % fame debuff . Run one avalonian dungeon all 7 day pouf its 10 % wich is a fucking joke in exchange of owning all the t8 -t7 farming zone of the map. This round table is ridiculous , they probably ask the same player that are disgusting all small aliance rolling 400 vs 100 everyday . ” He…

  • WakeNGate Re-open! klasse statt masse!

    CallMeGosu - - Gilden


    dankefein! und hoch damit :3

  • i like the way how nohand rats defend theyr ratting. get hands and fights, its a hellgate.... when you are not able to do pvp cause of some missing hands or fingers maybe try gathering. you can try to get stuff there and run away with your stuff. perfectly made for rats.

  • you get him wrong. he told you you can, just go blue zone and he is right. risk vs reward dude. u dont want to risk something so go bluezone. if you think the reward is not big nuff then sorry, this is how the game works. without the risk and item sink pve blackzone dungeons would be worthless like this blue zone ones anyway. this game is based on pvp encounters and the whole economy would just not work with your pve dream world. learn to play the game or stay blue for pve.

  • Quote from Urokai: “I ask my self why i play everytime devs nerf dungeon loot and fame. ” they did not..... lol

  • trolololol XD "lets turn fair teritorry battles into a mass pvp shitshow" "ok" "now, groupsize does not matter anymore" XD

  • yep, dungeon scouting is something that does not have to be a thing in a game like albion. an option would be that there is no a out. you can only leave the dungeon at the entrance and at the end.

  • Quote from Hollywoodi: “Quote from Tabor: “Ganking is and should always be a part of Albion. The simply fact is right now the balance though is way tilted to that of the gankers due to limited portal entry design to blackzone and pack ganking incentive. There is literally next to no drawback for groups of 8 to just mindless kill solo players which requires almost 0 risk. and limited skill The change I have always thought makes the most sense in this regard is the escalation trash rates based on …

  • Quote from SouthpawGamerHD: “Quote from CallMeGosu: “albion is much more then territories. you can play without them, there is no downside in playing without bz space. ” Minus the fact T7 / T8 black zones are 3 - 5x the fame + silver due to T6 - T8 items dropping regularly. Can you live without going into the black zone? Yes. Should you? That's a different question altogether. ” you just dont need territories to go into t8 black.... just go there and do your stuff. have an open eye and you will …

  • you should learn how to gather and how to fight. if you make solo dungeons pure pve u have to nerv them to hell by at least 90%....

  • albion is much more then territories. you can play without them, there is no downside in playing without bz space. ppl complain every time. like in the past with hellgates. ppl complain about hellgate players are to rich. after the nerf nobody did hellgates, all this whining gatherers made no money anymore. they qqed about 5v5 teams. as they would be able to fight zvz better..... in the old system it was possible for everybody to compete too. you just had to be good. now you have to be good too.…

  • nah, faction war should be something you decide yourself to do instead of forcing guilds to a faction....