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  • Poll: Alliance Feature

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    People should stop complaining about getting overrun by the big alliances. Either fight against it or join them it is simple. If just any 20man guild could place down a hideout the entire map would be flooded with them.

  • The Battle of Caerleon

    JugoDG - - News & Announcements


    Why did i ever think this would actually be a good event, guess i wasted my time for nothing.

  • "desert wolf" idk sounds so silly to me.

  • so I returned to the game after one and a half years. Upon recieving a mail in my inbox telling me there was a gift for me as I bought the game on it's official release. I did not know that this border could only be claimed on one character. now I am stuck with it on the wrong character, as I simply wanted the premium on an alt and expected a thing such as a legacy border to be account wide. Seemingly this is not the case and this avatar border is only for the character you claimed the gift on. …