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  • Someky -

    Replied to the thread Can't see RRR on certain crafts (RRR procs... just doesn't show).

    This happens at all crafting stations except ingredient stations. Also like CassX said. It doesn't appear to be an issue that happens all the time. In some play sessions, I don't have the problem.
  • Magicsparkle -

    Posted the thread New player Priest, quick questions..

    Hi there I am 1 day new player, What is the best build for a priest right now pve and pvp wise? Also i have 3000 gold, and my brother is going to start playing with me. So i want that unicorn referral mount, and i want to get him a premium for 30 days.…
  • Hi guys, I'm fcking upset by the game, getting chased by gankers I wanted to go in my HO, I miss clicked on the flag and pressed YES in the speed. || Now my chests are locked away for 28 days in Morgana. How to cancel it please ????? I have for 10…
  • zybik -

    Replied to the thread [13. January 2021] Rise of Avalon Patch 12.

    Looks like, except of increasing silver output from the game, they just slower and stretch in time silver input...
  • Gabumon -

    Replied to the thread nature staff in corrupted dungeon is op (with solution).

    Quote from Haniballl: “This is true, I just got killed by the healer, he killed me with his HP full (just shows the great unbalance, this should not be possible in any case in pvp), I tried to run away but he also had great mobility. While I runaway in…
  • lyntIlntnin -

    Posted the thread Naked Recruta!!!!.

    NAKED/DRESSED RECRUTA Nós estamos recrutando jogadores! Temos um núcleo de jogadores e amigos muito experientes e estamos procurando jogadores de qualidade para adicionar ao nosso time... Nós oferecemos: *Presença na Blackzone & ZVZ - Incluindo…
  • Hellowi -

    Replied to the thread Stream Moments #2 - Not bad Not Bad,(Dual sword) F Meta!!! | Albion.

    Stream Moments #2 - Not bad Not Bad,(Dual sword) F Meta!!! | Albion Online
  • Jessie -

    Replied to the thread Nature - finally u got it...

    Quote from baocutee: “LOL, I disagree with u budd. Druidic staff might seem OP but the downside of it is that it has no mobility. Also, black hands can easily one shot druidic players. BRUH SBI Q is the only ability that deal damage in this build, now…
  • Aerros -

    Replied to the thread TheKingsmen (NA/EU/OCE-English speaking-Very active-Non toxic community).

  • Midgard -

    Liked ItsX’s post in the thread Why nerf Auto-Respec SBI?.

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    If you want fame for your gear then wear the gear you want to fame up. Auto-respec benefits running one set all day long, spice it up and wear those new gear pieces out of the city and get some fame.
  • Bembenek -

    Replied to the thread Tantrum rekrutuje!.

  • JordWasTaken -

    Replied to the thread AlbionOnline 40K Build + Corrupted = Easy Money / Short Clip :).

    You dont even show the build.. or explain anything.
  • celecia -

    Posted the thread Looking for a non-toxic guild.

    I'm interested in all aspects of the game and am open to whatever but am specifically looking for people who don't use slurs and are not casually racist/homophobic etc...
  • addidas -

    Replied to the thread Why nerf Auto-Respec SBI?.

    Quote from Hellements: “Thanks for the feedback. Please also note the following: - Using Auto Respec to convert excess fame gained into fame credits is optional. At any point in time if you feel like you can't afford it anymore you can deactivate the…
  • JordWasTaken -

    Liked Voltel’s post in the thread The Current Albion Online Round Table.

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    SBI really needs to take a look at how they are getting feedback. When folks can essentially buy a seat on the round table if they do desire it is clearly flawed. Sadly any serious mists guild or alliance I do not see any easy path for said group to get…
  • Lanzier -

    Posted the thread Make Solo Dungeons Great Again with a throttle system.

    Open world roaming is a core part of an open world pvp sandbox like Albion. For solo players this open world content was solo random dungeon diving. The Rise of Avalon change to cause solo dungeons in red and black zones to collapse was suboptimal and…
  • IronBimbler -

    Replied to the thread Ironman Series(IronBimbler).

    Ironman Albion online Bimbler Forge Hammmer Frolicking through CD's!!!!