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  • Niefart -

    Replied to the thread NDA Dagger Changes.

    Give it a rest with the weight of items from a real life. First of all, if it was taken into account, the fastest would probably be some magic weapons with a small staff or skull in hand and with them bows that could have been kite you all day and so…
  • Wydoyolo -

    Replied to the thread Current state of Gathering.

    So, after Patch 8 I must say I don't feel this patch as a improvement at all. Running 10 zones just to get to the center of map, gathering in T8 zones feels like gathering in T6 zone.
  • Ugbor -

    Posted the thread My Story before joining Brave Newbie.

    So I joined the alliance Brave Newbie's Discord, entered the guild ingame, and at midnight where I was, first thing I wrote was this: "You know, you first open up this game (after one or two YT ads bc you Googled mmorpg) and there's this tutorial that…
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    Replied to the thread Собственный остров игрока.

    Достаточно просто заработать на премиум аккаунт, во-первых. Если ты совсем новичок, а я полагаю, что это именно так, то начни с…
  • theCrimsonViper -

    Posted the thread Accepting Terms and Conditions game freeze.

    So I have recently downloaded Albion Online for my Android. It was pretty hard to install properly, but I got it working after freeing up some space and removing SD card. Now, after logging into my account, the game's Terms and Conditions screen will of…
  • Loterak -

    Replied to the thread Аккаунт.

    Поддержка не отвечает уже трое суток. Норм ребята работают конечно
  • ImaDoki -

    Replied to the thread Premium Promo Pack: PC version and Android version.

    Forum is quite active. However, sometimes your question may end unanswered. Good luck on your journey in Albion!
  • theCrimsonViper -

    Replied to the thread Premium Promo Pack: PC version and Android version.

    wow, very nice. My first ever question on the forums and already got a good answer. Thanks man
  • Bezprymus -

    Replied to the thread Patch 9 wprowadza ulepszenia w łowieniu ryb.

    Pisałem na support kazali wyjąć kartę pamięci całkowicie odinstalować grę i zainstalować jeszcze raz. U mnie pomogło gierka śmiga
  • English Speaking Guild Feeling Lonely? Get in me! The Lonely Men (TLM) is currently looking for active players who are eager to explore the world of Albion Online. We are a well-rounded guild that primarily enjoys PvP content and more. Some of our
  • neketos -

    Liked gmatagmis’s post in the thread Политическая обстановка в мире Albion).

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    Ничто в Альбионе не мотивирует лучше чем жажда мести. Претсы были кикнуты из ПоЕ и сегодня вышли в составе сквадов. Смотрим предпоследнюю строчку. unknown.png
  • OceanSpirit -

    Replied to the thread naked scouter.

    You can try here Report Hacks, Bots and Exploits Although it may seem that obvious, ALOT of people use naked scouts tactics because it's cheap and almost as effective as going with actual gear into the BZ.
  • Maori -

    Replied to the thread Why is SBI so adamant to force people into no opt-out PvP for anything T5+.

    Bruuuh a lot of people play solo because they can only manage small doses of this game and don't wanna spend it standing around at the realmgate waiting for people to clean the gummies off their hands after a sweaty hornpub sesh. Besides, things will…
  • Slo -

    Replied to the thread Joueur Débutant recherche Guilde.

    Bonjour @jojo044, J'ai l'impression que tu as oublié de me mettre le lien vers votre discorde dans le post. J'ai essayé d'y aller via votre poste de recrutement mais il et marqué que l'invitation à expiré. Je viens de finir le tutoriel du…
  • nyanpower -

    Posted the thread naked scouter.

    where i can report gankers using alt accounts to scout area's? they said it was illegal but saw some gankers blatantly used this method a while ago i have screenshot but cant upload cause 1mb limit
  • Andres. -

    Replied to the thread Instalación del juego.

    Buenas, me pasa lo mismo, la barra carga hasta un punto y luego me envia un mensaje de "Error on download" llevo muchas veces intentandolo.
  • Quote from zerfaxx: “Go play another game if you don't like it... ” Well, yes, that's the point, isn't it. :) SBI has to consider how many players aren't playing because of how full-loot PvP is implemented. Unrestricted ganking will destroy the player…
  • This is not about buffs or nerfs, just design perspective on why it was made this way. We have Stalker Jacket, Specter Jacket and Hellion Jacket. Why do we have 3 abilities which essentially are "deal damage in an AOE over time" + X flavor? It would be…