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  • TheLordTyrellz -

    Hat eine Antwort im Thema Please make another healer class - Paladin? verfasst.

    I think its also the fact that healers have to spam abilities and the ability to do so when going between players and such can be really frustrating. Every class should be satisfying and fun to play to whoever likes the style for example, someone who…
  • Reelix -

    Hat eine Antwort im Thema WTS x4 Soulscythe 4.2 verfasst.

    4.2 Soulscythes are currently 180k each in Caerleon
  • Reelix -

    Hat eine Antwort im Thema Buying Masterpiece Soulscythe (2m for a 7.0 or 2.5m for a 7.1) verfasst.

    Bump - Doubled buying price
  • PrimoVato -

    Hat das Thema Pro Tipz 4 Albion Online gestartet.

    :!: HeyGuys the following is my latest chapter 4 becoming not such a newb in Albion, feel free to share it with your friends or guild mates <3 youtube.com/watch?v=jLeHHAvoRGY Thanks y'all
  • TheLordTyrellz -

    Mag den Beitrag von Komamura im Thema The Albion Online Round Table.

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    If the devs listen to top players, the game will be centered around those top players, being designed for their advantage and not actually for the people that want to play it. Top players are usually greedy as fuck and want everything easier for…
  • Frostweaver -

    Mag den Beitrag von Raithe im Thema The Albion Online Round Table.

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    Ot seems like the majority of players are very new (started at realease or similar). Most don't seem to remember that many playstyles used to be possible until the developers developed them out of the game....solo, pve, transport caravan types,…
  • Reptoid -

    Hat eine Antwort im Thema 1handed dagger, on test service verfasst.

    Zitat von Furinkazan: „Zitat von drygulcher: „Basically the same mediocre damage. However, now it kills the user. lol I feel it would be a good weapon to BM with. As being killed with it will surely be worthy of uninstalling the game. “ honestly…
  • Zitat von Acratius: „its ... about... time “ Acratius its time my dude! come back
  • Shadowsouls12 -

    Hat eine Antwort im Thema Animal Feed verfasst.

    read lordsilva thing wrong. thought he meant food.
  • Raithe -

    Mag den Beitrag von Stormlord im Thema Lancelot Midseason Patch - Coming May 2nd.

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    interesting patch and im well out side of this target audience chasing the meta is a bad idea but i don't criticize without a alternative dynamic change to weapons - let some builds be strong and other weak for a certain period of time, make this…
  • SirAchtung -

    Hat das Thema HCE gestartet.

    SBI pls check open world, its EMPTY. everybody stay in Carleon and run only in HCE. Albion gameplay was so great on cbt and release but now it sad shit for casuals and lazy peopels. almost all my friends leave game because dont want play game in current…
  • Ravenar -

    Mag den Beitrag von owensssss im Thema Hunter hood change!.

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    @UnholyKiller Which is exactly why pple make posts and talk about the changes they’ve posted before they go live!!! Instead of sitting silently watching, we like to participate in these kinds of things ^^ it’s what a forums for!
  • apollonn -

    Hat eine Antwort im Thema Frogue One ré-ouvre ses portes verfasst.

    bonsoir j'ai achter le jeu quand il était en beta au tout début javais un groupe avec qui rush et tout a la sortie du jeu ben la majorité cest défiler ca ma énerve j'ai plus approcher le jeu javais plus le temps le boulot n'aide pas trop dans la je…
  • Nyquil -

    Hat eine Antwort im Thema My Opinion to the current Changes verfasst.

    great changes to frost hopefully its enough to make it more viable in majority of situations keep up great work devs
  • Aru -

    Hat eine Antwort im Thema We are -NERV- Reclutamiento abierto. verfasst.

    Se suspende el proyecto por falta de tiempo !!!! gracias !!
  • its ... about... time
  • Zitat von Lanyday: „Is it true that without auto-respec toggled I would get 20.5k fame credits/hr (and spend no silver)? “ Quickly looking over your values I can't find an error so this should be correct. Zitat von Skitted: „@Thorn-Delwyn Will it be…
  • cozzie -

    Hat das Thema Moving from city to city gestartet.

    So basically i want to move from fort sterling to another city somewhere else. Now i know that i can't travel and stuff with luggage and all that unless i spend silver on it but i don't have enough silver for everything to move cause i am a farirly new…
  • SavvyTG -

    Hat eine Antwort im Thema TOGETHER WE CAN - MAKE ALBION GREAT AGAIN verfasst.

    1. What is your in-game name? SavvyTG 2. What resources can you collect (if any) and at what tier? All T3 resources. 3. What weapon do you use and what tier is it? I haven't really decided what I am going to use. However, in the three days I have been…
  • melcent -

    Mag den Beitrag von Gugusteh im Thema This is not a PvP game.

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    what is the Z for? (Versteckter Text) what is the P for? (Versteckter Text) what is a zerg made of? (Versteckter Text) what should you do? (Versteckter Text)