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    Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from scions: “no mobilyty high cd for a q spell , if it"s so cancer why xbow are not in the top in cd ? xbow are turret based on spell it's braindead like a lot of weapon because skillshot with small hitbox are not…
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    I used to play Eve online a few years ago. Just started playing albion about 2-3 months ago. One feature that I miss from Eve online is the contracts. With contracts you were able to trade items to a another player, in bulk, without directly trading…
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    My friend, nothing against you but the T4 guy had more ip than u on t8.. And I am pretty sure if I look up pvp fame I find something below 35 mio on you and 100 mio + on the blackhands.. U use 4.1 poison he uses 8 You should switch in giga pot...
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    The Bloodletter Well. This was quite the look. I'd sold everything on me so I could afford an Adept's Bloodletter. That included my clothes, so of course I was walking around naked in Bridgewatch and trying not to look embarrassed about it. I was no
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    Quote from Trial_hard: “Well, it is a good start to play in the red vs beginners... It seems lots of fun As soon as you feel ready, try the more skill based content like CD 2,HG 5HG and crystal.. So there is a long way to go but u seem to have fun -…
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    k gl hf
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    Black Zone Blunders After several long days of laboring (i.e., gathering literal tons of rough wood from my island and selling it at affordable prices in the Bridgewatch market), I could finally purchase an Adept's Cryptcandle. Because my insatiable
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    Posted the thread Duda con skin de cerdito..

    Sabéis cuando tocó la skin del cerdito recién criado?, me encantaría conseguirla pero la he visto en el mercado por 45m... me es imposible con mi economía/tiempo de juego.
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    They should limit the number of hideouts per guild. They should limit the number of guilds for alliance to avoid so much monopoly of a few in the distant lands.. small guilds still have no chance of anything there
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    Quote from krazzer: “The reason why its PLANNED is to make people buy premium. RR & labors are poison in any game economy because it hurts all gathering professions, because RR & labors generates items that are not being gathered, it really is that…
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    The hideouts lost their initial goal long ago. Small guilds dont stand a chance. It is painful to see what some top tier zones look like thanks to hideouts. It is even worse now than what it was when we had only 4 t8 zones in mercia. At least you…
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    @Korn I would like to ask what are your plans for next? Resources go with the price day by day below and below, items on BM sell day after day for less and less, the price of gold in the game is still rising (at least for now) ... From my layman's point…
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    The Dungeon Mishap It had been a week since the Bridgewatch Nudity Dilemma, and I now roamed a Keeper dungeon in search of easy silver. The savage part of me also wanted monsters to fight, enemies to kill. I had levelled up, and now I owned an Expert's
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    The possible turning point for Albion Online New black market changes caused a drop in demand, crashing prices. They keep changing the economy of the game with HCE nerfs, BM nerfs,and crafting. If you keep nerfing the ways people make money to engage…