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  • celecia -

    Posted the thread Looking for a non-toxic guild.

    I'm interested in all aspects of the game and am open to whatever but am specifically looking for people who don't use slurs and are not casually racist/homophobic etc...
  • addidas -

    Replied to the thread Why nerf Auto-Respec SBI?.

    Quote from Hellements: “Thanks for the feedback. Please also note the following: - Using Auto Respec to convert excess fame gained into fame credits is optional. At any point in time if you feel like you can't afford it anymore you can deactivate the…
  • JordWasTaken -

    Liked Voltel’s post in the thread The Current Albion Online Round Table.

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    SBI really needs to take a look at how they are getting feedback. When folks can essentially buy a seat on the round table if they do desire it is clearly flawed. Sadly any serious mists guild or alliance I do not see any easy path for said group to get…
  • Lanzier -

    Posted the thread Make Solo Dungeons Great Again with a throttle system.

    Open world roaming is a core part of an open world pvp sandbox like Albion. For solo players this open world content was solo random dungeon diving. The Rise of Avalon change to cause solo dungeons in red and black zones to collapse was suboptimal and…
  • IronBimbler -

    Replied to the thread Ironman Series(IronBimbler).

    Ironman Albion online Bimbler Forge Hammmer Frolicking through CD's!!!!
  • Haniballl -

    Replied to the thread nature staff in corrupted dungeon is op (with solution).

    This is true, I just got killed by the healer, he killed me with his HP full (just shows the great unbalance, this should not be possible in any case in pvp), I tried to run away but he also had great mobility. While I runaway in corrupted I get a lot of…
  • Kenzowt -

    Replied to the thread What game do you play while waiting for Albion to go online for 5 minutes?.

    I used to play Hearthstone during League queues, but the Wild/Standard changes some time ago pushed me out of it, and I don't want to go over the trouble of getting into it again.
  • xMEMBERx -

    Replied to the thread Политическая обстановка в мире Albion).

    Один из самых потрясающих и веселых людей в альбион онлайн Artista.png
  • AlalX -

    Replied to the thread Guardian Helm Meta.

    Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from Tabor: “As a reminder they are also adding the new mace ability with a fairly short CD that will remove enemy shields. My guess is in anticipation of this guardian helm update. ” Bruh its like you didnt read patch…
  • BigBoyPlayz -

    Replied to the thread I can't fish for T5 fish.

    Quote from PikeSL: “Hello, such people, a few days ago I played albion ... I have fishing set T6 I go to zones 5 and I don't fish at all T5 fish ... and in fact in zones 5 sometimes when I fish I can't get the fish out, I can spend 5 minutes shooting…
  • ImaDoki -

    Replied to the thread Is SBI trying to have potato players ?.

    People...understand something. Auto respec only works on something YOU HAVE ALREADY MASTERED. Also some extra info: When you have auto respec on you save fame credits at around 80% the value of the fame you would have gotten in a non maxed item. This…
  • Defact0 -

    Replied to the thread [ARCHK] Notabene, nowa polska gildia zaprasza bez kitu.

  • Lanzier -

    Replied to the thread Demon arrow rework idea.

    Ignoring the specific numbers I think this is a really interesting suggestion and I'm surprised there aren't any items which work like it already. At first it seems un-intuitive, why would you punish the player with a higher cooldown for hitting more…
  • eSCoXix -

    Replied to the thread [ITTP] TRUUE DAMAGE - rekrutacja.

  • Ryudo -

    Liked KickinMACHINE’s post in the thread NDA Balance.

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    @Retroman Have u seen any zvz in recent months? Have u watched any gvgs? Who is in ur NDA Balance team, cause i guess those people arent playing Albion neither. 5v5 meta is literally one of the worst of all times. There is literally 0 swaps - u play…
  • Truskawetta -

    Replied to the thread Legio Phoenix poszukuje nowych graczy!.

  • daTyahow -

    Replied to the thread NDA Balance.

    Quote from Mrpotato: “Quote from daTyahow: “Quote from Deathskills: “Quote from daTyahow: “Quote from Mrpotato: “Quote from agonyclutch: “Man I feel bad for fire players haha still left in the dark never add good abilities ” Flaming sphere…