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    Replied to the thread New to albion.

    Hello Calchanz. If your still interested in joining a guild add me in game, FreedomGuard. Our guild is mainly out of the U.S. but we are international and we have people on throughout the day. Hope your albion experience is going well so far!
  • ArianPL -

    Replied to the thread Gildia ESpire.

    Z tym liderem jest cos nie tak. W sumie nie ma sie co dziwic to jeszcze dzieciaczek nie wszystko jeszcze rozumie i w dodatku nie potrafi czytac ze zrozumieniem waszych komentarzy :)
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    Replied to the thread Solo Dungeons closing in red & black zones.

    Quote from Psyopy: “Judging from the almost 300 replies to this thread, this change is by far the most contentious out of all the proposed changes in the upcoming patch. SBI needs to take this feedback seriously. Getting this change wrong can alienate…
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    Replied to the thread Политическая обстановка в мире Albion).

    Quote from SeeeJay: “Quote from Kopetcam: “но по факту история вхождения мастерка под крыло ПОЕ была очень убогой и мерзкой. ” Расскажи пожалуйста об этой…
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    Replied to the thread Отзывы и предложения.

    Quote from ubuntu: “палаш: одноручное оружие, Е увеличивается урон от стаков, наносит урон делая рывок вперёд прерывает умение противнику. откат 10…
  • Guardians -

    Posted the thread Guardian Pact is calling all nerds!.

    Guardian Pact is a competitive casual guild. We focus on teaching our guild members about the game and working as a team. We do daily guild activities that include gathering, dungeons, and pvp. PVP consists of faction flagging, hunting reds, or ZvZ. Our…
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    Replied to the thread Политическая обстановка в мире Albion).

    Quote from Kopetcam: “но по факту история вхождения мастерка под крыло ПОЕ была очень убогой и мерзкой. ” Расскажи пожалуйста об этой истории.
  • BibbelBaxy -

    Posted the thread Kicked from Expedition.

    Hi, I just got kicked from an expedition. The reason for that was the build I chose to play. I play a heavy armored priest, so I do not fit the meta as it seems. The reason I got kicked was "that is not a healer". well, I even do not feel like a healer,…
  • Red Brick -

    Replied to the thread Increase Max Item Stack Size.

    Carrying capacity should be 100% based on weight, if not then all mounts and bags should give extra inventory slots.
  • SkylorzZ -

    Posted the thread Bug with Premium.

    Hello, Yesterday I bought the premium and today i use for farm. But when i want do the worker's book the bonus of fame is not count in the book. For exemple: If I win 100 fames + 50 fames bonus premium, for the book there is just 100 fames which are…
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    Replied to the thread Chaos [AC].

    Мы снова здесь и на этот раз надолго. Вкратце о нас, для тех кто позабыл или не знает. Chaos - одно из старейших российских игровых сообществ, принимавшее, на протяжении
  • Al-Capone -

    Posted the thread Wie kann man Items im Chat Verlinken die man nicht hat ?.

    Ich habe im Handels Chat das Item gesehen und drauf geklickt. Da ich sehr bezweifle das die Person das Item hat. Weil es das Item im Spiel nicht gibt. Und ich bis zum heutigen Tage nicht rausbekommen habe wie ich Items die ich nicht in meinen besitz habe…
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    Replied to the thread Am I doing something wrong?.

    Quote from HailOfChaos: “Well Today would be my third day and I am only tier 3 and nowhere near tier 4, and thats after using like 50 learning points. So i feel like I am doing something wrong can someone tell me what. I mined a lot of resources as…
  • Я был во многих РУ Гильдиях и пожалуй могу отметить по степени адекватности, коллектива и контента - это War Gods. Ты же сам знаешь, что Альбион -
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    Liked sandstorm22’s post in the thread Solo Dungeons closing in red & black zones.

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    Quote from CassX: “Quote from Fred_the_Barbarian: “@CassX Why not fight back instead of giving the ganker your stuff? When you die all the stuff you "destroy" drops as loot or is trashed according to the whims of the loot gods. ” Why?Firstly, I usually…
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    Replied to the thread [ABUSO]Sincronização de HG 2x2.

    Ora ora, tiveram que fazer uma publicação em inglês para que a SBI dê a atenção devida, já que brasileiro adora passar pano para merdas. Tópico com detalhes:…gates-without-being-kill/ Tópico com vídeo em prática: EXPLOIT
  • kofola -

    Posted the thread rent a field to offer.

    in any city discord mrakomor#5430
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    Replied to the thread Awarding Passivity;List of Items & Skills.

    go to hell you fucking barbarian troll
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    Replied to the thread Interface improvement.

    Hi @DaLi, I like your suggestions! Unfortunatly, dealing with these nametags can have a pretty serious performance impact, especially in large ZvZ situations. We always have to be really careful with changes like these. I'll discuss them with the coders…