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    Reset Day
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  • Quote from Professor_Chad: “What season? ” Every 2-3 months there starts a new "Season". Is the competitive/point thing here, where guilds compete for points to get rewards at the end. The first day of the season is "Invasion Day" and is usually peak…
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    Posted the thread UI Improvements to Make Healing More Fun.

    Having played Albion for a week I can see some of the problems that limit its popularity. One of the biggest of these is that healing is random and frustrating. Below I have made some suggestions for easy UI improvements that would go a long way towards…
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    Replied to the thread Selling 2 collectors item's.

    Super sad that you can’t act as an grown up man. I don’t think you will sell that here anymore but still I wish you luck. In Albion and in your real life. Looks like you need it :)
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    Posted the thread GUILD TRIBBO.

    O que é a Guild TRIBBO A guild Tribbo está sendo criada para aqueles players que costumam jogar pouco e que querem a diversão no jogo sem Stress. A guild Tribbo veio pra unir pessoas que queiram trocar uma ideia durante o jogo e desestressar depois…
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    Look @Gnomead nobody is trying to remove hce from the game but you are only doing high lvl hce only for silver. You can’t count farming respec points or invest in high tier Gear as a risk. 1. you always can switch auto respec off (most hce doing…
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    Was this ever fixed? I don't think it was... I specifically noticed this like a week ago. I was riding for minutes and could not trigger it's passive on anything. Was weird because I use it a lot and I never noticed it taking this long before to not go…
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    Quote from Cronder: “Quote from Tomperon: “Quote from Cronder: “Quote from feimaomiao: “lmao they say "your repair fee is equal to the silver you lose if you die" but they never realize they can still pick up silver even if they are "killed" by…
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    Posted the thread recruiting bangers and wannabes.

    bvo84wohif361.png DirtyDeeds Is a tight knit group of veteran players, looking to expand our numbers, to actively participate in open world royal content this season. We are looking for players, new and experienced, interested in becoming active members…
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    Posted the thread В нутри.

    Добрый день, у меня и у моих друзей появилась проблема ещё на стадии скачивания игры, скачивает мегабайт 50 - 100 и вылезает ошибка, после чего…
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    Up ! Come see us :D
  • I also check always what I buy from market, but if you get a bit of lag in that moment you can fall on this mistake... If they could remove the overlap this problem could be fixed.
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    UP !
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    Posted the thread IP avage on Zergs.

    Hi, i want to know, becouse my guild keeps insisting there is a ZvZ mechanic that bases on IP diference. I'm NOT TALKING about, Disarray i know disarray bases on player quantity of the same alliance. I'm repeatdly hearing there is a Zvz mechanic…
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    Replied to the thread How does excess gear get removed from the system?.

    @Geofors Well generally the prices tend to keep climbing till someone is willing to fulfill the order. This means players can put any price they want and wait till the money climbs. But they can't just do this unchecked as others will come in and…
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    ПВП, ПВЕ, ЗВЗ, Гильдия - есть СВОИ локации и УБЕЖКИ + большой СОЮЗ.В сезоне стремимся в СЕРЕБРЕНОЮ ЛИГУ так что не упусти свой шанс.Если ты новичок,научим и прокачаем.Привязка Martlock .Набираем от 5 кк.От вас желания играть и учится
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    Posted the thread Absolutely disgusting (lack of) performance.

    Did you guys have fun on reset day? Because I didn't. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the new cluster queue system, it is just that today, I experienced level of performance from the game that I had never seen before (which is not entirely…