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  • iRawr -

    Replied to the thread What is 'Lag Death'?.

    Quote from Saccavirano: “or maybe it's time to upgrade the SBI server, you all know that: risk=reward ” Oh i really have no place to collect that much rewards that i got for the risk of everyday lags and pings XD Sooo rewarding lags.
  • Azlogg -

    Replied to the thread J-O-K-E-R zaprasza w swoje szeregi..

    No to raz dwa i cyk piec szukamy dalej, pozdrawiam ;)
  • Fred_the_Barbarian -

    Replied to the thread STUCK IN RED ZONE.

    Maybe you'd get more sympathy if you explained where and how you got stuck and posted in the proper section. Shouting "REEEEEE I GOT STUCK AND DIED WHY CAN'T I USE /STUCK TO BECOME INVULNERABLE" is going to garner derision.
  • Phosphia -

    Replied to the thread Roads of Avalon [Roads of Avalon] Feedback.

    Please for the love of god remove all the Royal Continent portal exits. There is nothing 'mysterious' or 'adventurous' about the Roads of Avalon.. when there is a blue zone exit every 3 minutes from where you are. The roads have blue zone vibes... It…
  • Poon_Hound_4_Eva -

    Posted the thread Where are sweet spots for resources?.

    Im aware of the biomes. However, some resources are scarce and a good sweet spot is needed. Examples: - you kill 1-2 clutches of animals. When you finish skinning, they respawn. -you chop a clutch of trees. When you finish the last one, the first…
  • Saccavirano -

    Replied to the thread What is 'Lag Death'?.

    or maybe it's time to upgrade the SBI server, you all know that: risk=reward
  • Derituson -

    Replied to the thread [PvP] ZvZ & overall PvP Content & Pve Gilde Mord rekrutiert wieder!.

  • LEZARD69 -

    Replied to the thread [EU] Nullify - English | PVP Quality | Core veterans - Bridgewatch Lock.

  • FrankTartarinni -

    Replied to the thread Looking for a Guild.

    Thanks to Guardians and other Guilds that made contact with me Very glad for your attention. Joined the Incision Guild. But my best wishes for you all
  • Brizi -

    Replied to the thread Dont nerf dagger.

    Quote from CassX: “Quote from Unimed: “People were using this dagger to do group stuff alone. See: for example. That's why they are nerfing. Also, we have people doing territory mages with only 2 persons. Edit: Please,…
  • Tyveil -

    Replied to the thread Crimson Brotherhood is Recruiting (Ft Sterling based).

    Happy Friday all! Message me in discord or in game if looking for a guild. I should be available most of the weekend.
  • Pdwan -

    Replied to the thread Adjustment to the Alliance Cap Test on February 26th.

    Quote from LoganSilkCheeks: “Quote from Pdwan: “Idk what people are arguing right now about this topic, but I will let my point here. For me feels like the biggest alliances like POE and SURF, for example, are the ones the get most privilege about…
  • nyanpower -

    Posted the thread Option to remove other players character in cities.

    Game is an absolute shit show on cities come on devs atleast gives us an option to remove other players in cities this option doesnt affect anything i could barely run 10 fps on cities and gets 200+ fps while running in zones its stupid :(
  • Gelflings -

    Liked Clemios’s post in the thread FR/QC | The Last Crew > Ensembles on ira plus loin !.

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    Bienvenue aventurier ! Tu cherche de l'entraide, une bonne ambiance, de l'ambition et des vannes ? (je garantis pas leur qualitée) Alors tu es au bon endroit ^^ La guilde The Last Crew basée à Lymhurst recrute tout joueur motivé, prêt à apprendre…
  • apollonator -

    Replied to the thread The Off-Season Crystal Tournament is Coming!.

    Quote from TheusRS: “I think the skins should be binded in your account, so ppl would not be able to RMT it. And the gap between lvl4 - lvl9 is too high, I would say to IP cap the first games as 1400/1500 IP ” I agree with that. I think the gap is…
  • NdwZ -

    Replied to the thread What is 'Lag Death'?.

    Quote from PenguinSniper: “I think I've figured out the problem. Lag Death is something that is more likely to be experienced by any player who: 1. Does not live near the main Albion server location 2. Uses WiFi 3. Does not have Exitlag subscription
  • Surlo -

    Liked OotOot’s post in the thread Combat Balance Changes.

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    Quote from Borbarad: “Wait ... is sbi trolling axe users ? :D People complain about lack of energy when using axes, so they introduce axe that reduces energy of people ? :D ” Yeah for 8 seconds you apply a debuff that makes the mana costs equivalent to…
  • KOBbI4 -

    Liked GroZzyy’s post in the thread Gypsies - на 100% PvP-ориентированная гильдия.

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    bc50ba18b6085443d8291bb7cd758f4d_L.jpg Ни для кого не секрет, что гипсы всегда были про пвп, но длительное
  • Durian -

    Replied to the thread Solemnity - is actively recruiting new and veteran players!.

    Quote from Papanight: “How can i join? ” Hi Papa, just apply on our Discord. Here is the link: . You can also find this link in the original post.