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  • IronBimbler -

    Replied to the thread Ironman Series(IronBimbler).

    Ironman Albion online Bimbler Forge Hammmer Frolicking through CD's!!!!
  • Haniballl -

    Replied to the thread nature staff in corrupted dungeon is op (with solution).

    This is true, I just got killed by the healer, he killed me with his HP full (just shows the great unbalance, this should not be possible in any case in pvp), I tried to run away but he also had great mobility. While I runaway in corrupted I get a lot of…
  • Kenzowt -

    Replied to the thread What game do you play while waiting for Albion to go online for 5 minutes?.

    I used to play Hearthstone during League queues, but the Wild/Standard changes some time ago pushed me out of it, and I don't want to go over the trouble of getting into it again.
  • xMEMBERx -

    Replied to the thread Политическая обстановка в мире Albion).

    Один из самых потрясающих и веселых людей в альбион онлайн Artista.png
  • AlalX -

    Replied to the thread Guardian Helm Meta.

    Quote from Borbarad: “Quote from Tabor: “As a reminder they are also adding the new mace ability with a fairly short CD that will remove enemy shields. My guess is in anticipation of this guardian helm update. ” Bruh its like you didnt read patch…
  • BigBoyPlayz -

    Replied to the thread I can't fish for T5 fish.

    Quote from PikeSL: “Hello, such people, a few days ago I played albion ... I have fishing set T6 I go to zones 5 and I don't fish at all T5 fish ... and in fact in zones 5 sometimes when I fish I can't get the fish out, I can spend 5 minutes shooting…
  • ImaDoki -

    Replied to the thread Is SBI trying to have potato players ?.

    People...understand something. Auto respec only works on something YOU HAVE ALREADY MASTERED. Also some extra info: When you have auto respec on you save fame credits at around 80% the value of the fame you would have gotten in a non maxed item. This…
  • Defact0 -

    Replied to the thread [ARCHK] Notabene, nowa polska gildia zaprasza bez kitu.

  • Lanzier -

    Replied to the thread Demon arrow rework idea.

    Ignoring the specific numbers I think this is a really interesting suggestion and I'm surprised there aren't any items which work like it already. At first it seems un-intuitive, why would you punish the player with a higher cooldown for hitting more…
  • eSCoXix -

    Replied to the thread [ITTP] TRUUE DAMAGE - rekrutacja.

  • Ryudo -

    Liked KickinMACHINE’s post in the thread NDA Balance.

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    @Retroman Have u seen any zvz in recent months? Have u watched any gvgs? Who is in ur NDA Balance team, cause i guess those people arent playing Albion neither. 5v5 meta is literally one of the worst of all times. There is literally 0 swaps - u play…
  • Truskawetta -

    Replied to the thread Legio Phoenix poszukuje nowych graczy!.

  • daTyahow -

    Replied to the thread NDA Balance.

    Quote from Mrpotato: “Quote from daTyahow: “Quote from Deathskills: “Quote from daTyahow: “Quote from Mrpotato: “Quote from agonyclutch: “Man I feel bad for fire players haha still left in the dark never add good abilities ” Flaming sphere…
  • logo.png Tenaclty is a ZVZ guild created at the beginning of season 11 and fighting since the first day the biggest forces of the blackzone !
    We are actually based in bridgewatch and recruiting EU and NA players. We are looking to create a community
  • Lcrtv -

    Replied to the thread Crystal Bug.

    update, looks like 1/10 i dont get bugged, but in 20v20s i dont have movement skills in build, and i get really messed up :(
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