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    Replied to the thread There's no point to melee in this game..

    Quote from Roccandil: “Quote from Captainrussia: “Quote from Roccandil: “Quote from Captainrussia: “So you just basically admitted that cloth is better then leather or plate in both PVE and PVP (aside from niche tank/CC roles - where plate is a…
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    Replied to the thread [BUG] Crystal League From Level 8 Tower [Update: 13:03 UTC, 16.02.20].

    Funny, i got perma ban on FTP launch , gold market bug for a fuc*ing 50-60kk profit. When i did even know that it was buged. And now people will get a few days bans with silver confiscations.
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    Replied to the thread Limiting Alliances to Guild size - Test starting February 26th.

    This (the leak of SBI backtracking) is just sad - yet it didn't surprise me at all. At the end of the day SBI will do what SBI does, though it might cap the games potential sometimes.
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    Liked LordZetta’s post in the thread Fiend Robe.

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    The problem i have with this skill is that it has zero windup. By the time you see it, it's already too late to stop it and the effect is way too strong for that to be a thing.
  • Quote from Mytherceria: “Quote from zerfaxx: “I feel like I have to make this way more clear 1. There was an exploit that allowed people to level up their territory from winning only level one crystals up to tower level seven 2. This was fixed on…
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    Replied to the thread Guild finder system is not efficient.

    This is true, but there is a guild recruitment forum and a recruitment chat in game.. use these tools to find a guild. But Yes Guild finder UX needs redesigned its not efficient and hasnt been touched since launch.
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    Replied to the thread Albion online: HellGates 2vs2|TOP PVP.

    @Retroman if u have any doubts how imbalance fear robe is, here is a good example.. 99% of all fights on video get decided by the use of fear robe..
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    Replied to the thread Season Structure.

    I also think, once you have the code for something like this in place... you could have like a weekend event continent.. People would port over and say 1 weekend play battle royal, you die you lose, last man up wins. another weekend say a continent…
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    Replied to the thread BABA VANGA - FUTURE PREDICTIONS.

    Quote from AdamSmith: “@Captainrussia @Midgard @Fred_the_Barbarian @KatherineKore @Piddle NOW WHERE ARE YOU GUYS AFTER ALMOST 40 DAYS HA ? IS IT EASY TO BE SALTY IN CHAT THEN LEAVE? ” Quote from AdamSmith: “40 Days Later Gold started to decrease and
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    Posted the thread Me presento.

    Hola y muy buenas. Soy de Argentina y descubrí este juego mediante una publicidad, me llamo la atención porque siempre me gustaron los juegos online de lucha en donde se pueden guardar progresos, mejorar el personaje, interactuar con otros y descubrir…