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  • Midgard -

    Replied to the thread We need an item... Called: Note!.

    Quote from Malkalma: “I just gave some millions to my alt char and would like to not forget about it and make sure it pays back to my main char ” This has got to be a joke, right?
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  • Jorska -

    Replied to the thread Dunkles Kloster.

  • Piddle -

    Replied to the thread Destiny Board Calculator.

    Quote from MadSkillzDLR: “This seems to work for fame, but not for LP. Any idea? ” You could try to figure out how much fame you get per LP, if it is fixed or not. Then use the fame data to figure out how many LP it costs to pay for 80% of that level.
  • Farmer18300 -

    Replied to the thread Character crash when i go on thetford.

  • Roukken -

    Posted the thread A Useful Discords Thread.

    So every once in a while I make a discord groups purge and I end up losing some useful ones (retarded) can we have a thread in which we get updated or permanent discord invitations to important discords like Albion discord, GvG Discord, Market Discord,…
  • toorlye -

    Liked Snime’s post in the thread Персонажи Кидалы.

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    Игрок с ником DaniiL001 - Кража ресурсов и объектов в эквеволент более двух сотен миллионов серебра (Возможно и больше). Мамонт, ресурсы, вещи и другое.
  • Snime -

    Replied to the thread Персонажи Кидалы.

    Игрок с ником DaniiL001 - Кража ресурсов и объектов в эквеволент более двух сотен миллионов серебра (Возможно и больше). Мамонт, ресурсы, вещи и другое.
  • Akkarone -

    Posted the thread Deadly Squad Reborn.

    Всем доброго времени суток. Проводиться набор в молодую активную гильдию. Будем рады вас видеть в нашей гильдии если вы активны :thumbsup: , настроены покорять мир Альбиона :thumbup: , даже если вы еще вообще не понимаете что такое Альбион ?( . В нашей гильдии…
  • Ghoo -

    Replied to the thread S H A R D - GUILDE ZVZ - REGEAR T8/T7 - FORT STERLING.

  • Upgrading the Enchantment of an item increases the cost of trying to improve the Quality of an item. But upgrading the Quality of an item doesn't increase the cost of raising the Enchantment of an item. Meaning that people can just first raise the…
  • Medeal -

    Posted the thread 환불 요청합니다.

    구독 개념을 몰랐습니다. 환불 해주세요
  • FlaschenSammler -

    Posted the thread wer sucht noch eine gilde? ohne pflichten..

    jeder kann sich hier bewerben, suche noch ein paar mit streiter für meine gilde. jetzt zur gilde sie ist in (Theford) steuern sich bei 0% und die insel ist auf lvl2. auf ihr gebaut ist pfeilemacher, schwertwerkstatt, alchimielabor, metzger, gärber,…
  • zbumper -

    Posted the thread 프리미엄 결제 취소 요청.

    구독의 개념인걸 몰랐네요 환불 요청드립니다
  • Gilborath -

    Liked MaliciousHunter’s post in the thread Selling Low and Mid-Tier resources.

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    Sent a msg in Albion since you were offline so don't delete that inbox xD
  • Frere_Tuck -

    Posted the thread Annonce d’ouverture : Les Tavernes De Frère Tuck.

    Oyez, oyez ! Braves aventuriers, Les Tavernes De Frère Tuck sont officiellement ouvertes ! Pour la première fois en terres d’Albion, des tavernes totalement inutiles mais indispensables voient le jour ! Frère Tuck dont la réputation de bon vivant
  • Evas_Flarelight -

    Liked itslikecsaki’s post in the thread graphic issue - black textures in swamp zones.

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    Have you tried repairing the game? Perhaps reinstalling?
  • Hear, hear ! Brave adventurer’s, Brother Tuck’s Taverns are officially open ! For the first time in the land of Albion, completely useless but invaluable taverns came into being ! Brother Tuck, whose reputation as bon vivant is well-known, is at the head
  • Evas_Flarelight -

    Liked DogMerchant’s post in the thread 5 minute cast to leave a corrupt dungeon?.

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    Quote from Vhaden: “Greetings, This is bad, awful. I presume there's a reason for it. Presume so folks can't escape maybe? But, going in on "hunter" settings, with my healing staff (yes, I'm a noob still, but I like to heal, and I want to level my…
  • Wolfurus -

    Replied to the thread F E N R I S sucht dich !!! Werde jetzt bei uns neuer Mitspieler.

    Wer Spaß will, wer Aktion will, der muss nur zu F E N R I S kommen Hier findet ihr alles, im Spiel wie auch außerhalb.