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    Replied to the thread RUNE BLADE PART OF (IXXXI) Alliance recruiting new to master players!.

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    Posted the thread Remove Movement Speed Buff From Swords.

    Swords have to much mobility in the game and needs to be nerf Carving Sword is rampant in the current meta and the movement speed buff from stacks just makes it to cancerous
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    Replied to the thread 关于east albion 脚本(robot)及rmt的建议.

  • aliez-alice -

    Posted the thread 关于east albion 脚本(robot)及rmt的建议.

    现今黄区蓝区出现大量机器人采集,其采集的大量低级资源进入交易所转变为银币。第一种情况,其转化的银币流入了个人玩家,以交易所特殊的价格来区分卖家,希望官方针对多次的非对等交易来封禁账号。第二种情况,大量这种银币流入了公会账户,只要新建一个账号转入公会账户,这个号封禁与否已经不重要了。应该对这种情况予以制止,查询银币的流动末端受益者,给予公会警告和公会账户强制负债。 只有对源头的处理才能杜绝机器人脚本滋生的土壤。 以上是我的建议,我的游戏id是aliez。希望这个游戏能走得更远。
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    Posted the thread Mobil Oyuncusuyum yeni oyuncuyum guild arıyorum.

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    Replied to the thread [Beta] Albion Helper (Discord Market Bot/Crafting Calculator).

    im trying to find the price of elite mystic owls. i looked up the doc (…aster/formatted/items.txt) and found the name - T8_MOUNT_OWL_FW_BRECILIEN_ELITE then i do /prices T8_MOUNT_OWL_FW_BRECILIEN_ELITE the results it…
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    Posted the thread New Avalon, or rather its uselessness at the moment.

    I will not go into this from afar, I will describe the problem briefly and visually. Before the recent avalon overhaul, I started swinging paired daggers at level zero (the first daggers I took at all). For 24 hours of inactivated Avalon farming with a…
  • i get this error when redownloading the game and it keeps saying retry on the update button , someone pls help ;( ;(
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    Posted the thread Gilda italiana SMF.

    Stifler Mums Friends sta cercando proprio te! Gilda italiana e non solo. Chi siamo? Un gruppo di amici, con abbastanza tempo libero da dedicare a questo gioiello di giochino chiamato Albion Online. Players da poco tempo, con voglia di crescere e…
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    Replied to the thread PvE Albion -untapped pve potential.

    they literally just added abbeys which are pve focused content even abbey bz mists are heavily pve oriented(put on miner boots and use them if you see an enemy, you're not getting caught 99% of the time. even works in abbey duo mists as solo player). if…
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    Posted the thread Im sick of that buggy chests in the Mists..

    Everything said. Why? Just why? Is it because you wanna troll your playerbase? Im literally on the edge of quitting albion because of this buggy mess.
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    Posted the thread Are you ever going to permamute this Toxicvaccine retard?.

    Holy shit, every day he spams the chat with the exact same shit. if you think this is healthy for your game you have braindamage. Idc I can mute him I will still see people respond to him. I mean its obvious this guy probably lives with guardians because…
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    Posted the thread Problems with the Albion game.

    Boa noite a todos! Estou com um problema no albion onde o mesmo depois de alguns minutos jogando esta reiniciando meu computador, volto a logar e depois de uns minutos ocorre novamente, e somente o albion online esta acarretando esse problema de…

    Replied to the thread SPADE KINGDOM PL/EN (Martl/Bridg), SZUKAMY WOJOWNIKÓW SMALL/ZVZ!.

    Rekrutacja otwarta PL/EN - PVP/ZVZ Proszę o wypełnienie ticketa, a potem rozmowa Voice. Wymagania: - Minimum 20m fame - Minimum 16 lat ★ Gildia SPADE KINGDOM Rekrutuje! ★ ★ Gildia na obecną chwilę w sojuszu [ARCH] - by…
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    Replied to the thread NOT THAT EASY REKRUTUJE.

  • Quote from The_Support_God: “Quote from PaladinJavier: “Quote from The_Support_God: “Glaive and Pike HAD a player base before all the nerfs and i agree that SBI hammered them too hard But did you see any one playing any quarterstaff at all before all
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    Replied to the thread shop purchases.

    You'll need to contact customer support via a support ticket. email or raise one via account management on this website.
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    Posted the thread please help me.

    Hello.. My account N4more got banned I don’t know why i get ban the reason i got ban because im doing Third party transaction Im just remember im just trade with my friend Zephir We are friend since albion east up and we already be friendlist for 2-3…
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    Replied to the thread BLACKLIST GANG prowadzi nabór nowych graczy. Zapraszamy !!!.

    Jestem członkiem tej gildi i podam przykład z dzisiaj bez powodu dostałem od Azlogga ostrzeżenie w gildi jest jego dyktatura i reżim jak cos mu się nie spodoba wyrzuca z gildi albo daje ostrzezenia za trzecim loota z gildi nie polecam gildi
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    Liked Midgard’s post in the thread Do Devs even log in to the games anymore?.

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    Stillfront don't care (SBI used to care) .... they're taking your money.