Guild Recruitment

Are you on the hunt for a guild? Or does your own guild need some reinforcements? Use this forum to let everyone know!

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[T]antalus is looking for founding members.

2 447


Royal Order (Players from Earth) - New Guild Recruiting

  • Vastor
  • Vastor
2 415


OMNES OCCIDERE - KILL EVERYBODY 0 taxes we are a fast growing guild join us, we do a lot of pvp and hell gates black and red zones, and looking for territories [EU/NA]

  • Turga
  • Turga
0 298

Nowa Gildia (Social Insurance Institution) poszukuje nowych kompanów.

0 237

Are you new? Want to be an assassin?

0 1.672

Midnight Expresso, A Newbie-Friendly Merchant Guild.

0 280

[Order of Dragons] Formally The Iron Empire OPEN TO RECRUITING!!!

0 231

The Crimson Council is opening recruitment! We are an Econ focused Guild, born from the ashes of the Iron Bank, and we are looking to rapidly expand our unique system, and perspective on Albion Online.

0 +4 376

A couple of prospective players. . .

9 1.056


NEW guild "Fridge Raiders" looking for members! (International, PvE, Market, Crafting)

0 285

BARBAR - You Deserve the Full Albion Experience. Do Not Settle For Less. [RP-PVP/PVE] [Fort Sterling HQ]

  • alsehu
  • Kzimm
4 691


Ancient Spectres - Now Recruiting!

3 396


New Guild Looking For Players

0 235

[BUNKWORKS] Newly formed, Casual, PvX, EU, Adult.

0 220

Beginner Guild - The Reckoning - Looking to boslter ranks.

0 223

Guild Recruitment - The Exalted - Beginner Friendly - Thetford

1 374


The New World Order

2 986


OHNED || Hardcore PvP || Recruiting new and old players alike! 100+ members

0 360

Little Wolves [EU WEST] - Small Casual Community - UK/NL Based (Discord Server + Bots/Roles)

1 604


New Player Looking for a Guild

4 823


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