Guild Recruitment

Are you on the hunt for a guild? Or does your own guild need some reinforcements? Use this forum to let everyone know!

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'Once Upon A Time' Official Guild Recruitment | EU, NA, INT | Crafting, Economy, PvE, PvP, GvG | Hardcore, Competitive, Casual, Social *NEW*

1 925


[Alliance]Bloody Misfits Family is Recruiting PvP/Crafting/Pve Guilds

6 1.022


[Avast] Brethren Crew has begun carefully recruiting select members. [NA] [PvX Guild] [PvP Focus, light RP structure]

65 +7 11.858


[Boss] is recruiting active players!

  • capo
  • vertroa
2 473


[DUTCH] FaNG guild recruitment[PvP/GvG/PvE] [Gathering/Crafting] [NL/Vlaams] [CLOSED]

158 +10 17.404


[ENG] The Spartan Army.

0 262

[Grey] Recruiting EU players for GvG/HG team

  • Sumon
  • Sumon
0 782

[Guild Recruiting] Getting ready for Closed Beta!

32 3.643


[HAS] Hashashin is recruting! PvP Guild

  • Bobcat
  • Bobcat
1 530


[Immune to Honor] is recruiting! PvX, EU time, Martlock!

2 +1 581


[O.T.O] is recruiting.

  • Borr
  • Borr
0 606

[Order of Dragons] Formally The Iron Empire OPEN TO RECRUITING!!!

0 289

[Order of Dragons] Formally The Iron Empire OPEN TO RECRUITING!!!

0 333

[Order of Dragons] Formally The Iron Empire OPEN TO RECRUITING!!!

1 824


[Recruiting] Guild Based in Kingsmarket

1 678


[Victrix Mortalis] (Hardcore/Casual) International Guild based upon teamwork ethics.

0 504

***SOLO EMPIRE*** |GUILD [NA] [EU] | Apply Here|

25 3.032


<CIR> Crimson Imperium Reborn is now recruiting new players and preparing for final launch.

  • Toninu
  • Toninu
0 882

<Lore> - A Community Focused Guild [Fort Sterling]

12 +1 1.703


<PICKTRACKEN> PvP focused. Based in Lymhurst. Looking for Aggressive Healers and DPS that don't tunnel vision. Discord. Recruiting for both EU and NA.

0 392
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